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INTEGRA at 12 EFAS Congress 2018, GENEVA( Foot & Ankle)

Integra participated in this congress as a Gold sponsor.

More than 700 surgeons from all over the world participated in these three days of scientific communications.

The invited countries were South Korea and Switzertland.

Integra focused on new Medic Micro power tools, Cadence, TFS2 Forefoot.

Our legacy Forefoot and Mid and Hind foot products were also displayed.


Presentation and confrontation of techniques to treat arthritis of the great toe by 5 surgeons : J. Richie, S. Kumar,F. Krause, X. Martin Oliva, M. Maestro.

They successively presented their method, advantages and tips and tricks.

Two of them : Dr Xavier Martin Oliva (Spain), Dr Michel Maestro (Monaco) highlighted the fusion treatment withosteosynthesis and interfragmental screws from one side and hemi arthroplasty from another side to avoid a tooimportant destruction of bone and which gave better results compared to a total one.

SYMPOSIUM EFAS/KOREAN FOOT SOCIETY: Osteoarthritis (OA) of the ankle.

  1. Dr Valderrabano (Switzerland) presented the benefits of Total Ankle Arthroplasty.

2. Markus Knupp (Switzerland) discussed the benefits of distal tibial osteotomy to treat early ankle osteoarthritis.

Dr. Knupp is a keen user of Tibiaxys plates for osteotomy and will be one of our reference centers in 2019.



Dr. Besse (France) presented the Achillon device and MIS surgery as the best compromise for surgical treatment of Achilles tendon ruptures, with a literature review (20 meta-studies ) showing:


Workshop of industry  : Cadence total ankle system “Look back on two years of experience” by Dr B. Devos Bevernage( Belgium) with 26 surgeons attended the meeting .

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