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Mirela Dogaru, Executive Member of MedLife Group, is actively involved in the development of the RoMâine platform in the new role in which marketing responsibilities are also integrated. In her view, RoMâine is a national school where the MedLife Medical System brings together teachers, doctors, sociologists, writers, artists, musicians, athletes, chairpersons of banks or associations of tenants, hairdressers and IT professionals to find solutions together. . „We want to build a country that treats its citizens with respect, where we want to live, where we want to return and where we can have a future. It is more than a marketing strategy, it is a long-term approach that aims to, in addition to quality medical services, in which we invest constantly, to offer Romanians the opportunity to support the finding and application of solutions to do Romania well together.

Mirela Dogaru has built her entire career at MedLife and coordinates national sales teams, occupational medicine teams, laboratories, and more recently the marketing team, having, she says, the same priority for more than 15 years. , the desire to put one’s shoulder to a better quality of life for Romanians.

And when it comes to its business achievements, it is primarily about the more than 7,000 companies that have chosen to provide health services to their employees. It is a big step, not only for the increase of the quality of life and the performance of the business, but especially for the part of medical prevention where, unfortunately, in Romania there is still a lot to improve and change. At the moment, 15% of the group’s turnover is represented by the corporate segment: „We rely on a sustained growth, and with the expansion of services abroad, we want to replicate this model in international markets.”

Mirela Dogaru, MedLife Group Executive Committee Member:
“At first, people did not know exactly what a subscription meant, what it meant to have such a service and how it could be used, and we, the MedLife team, played a key role in training private healthcare market. If 15 years ago we went to them to tell them about subscriptions and its benefits, now they come to us with this request, and the team acts personalized, depending on the specifics of the company, the needs it has and so on. „

Business card Mirela Dogaru, MedLife Group Executive Committee Member

Mirela Dogaru is in charge of the national sales teams, the occupational medicine teams and recently the laboratory and marketing teams.
She is a graduate of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Faculty of Biochemistry (2003) and the Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) / ASEBUSS program at Kenesaw University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
He joined the MedLife team in 2005 as the corporate sales manager, a position he held until 2011, when he was appointed sales manager for the sales sector. business development (New Business).

Accelerated growth is supported by an astonishingly dynamic market, but also by the acute need for access to medical services generated by the pandemic context, she says: „Just looking at 2020 and 2021, you realize that this interval he gave us something we never imagined would ever happen. And here comes the adaptation to this new context that has become a reality: we must know how to act quickly, to know how to assess real needs so that we can offer 100% patient-oriented solutions. Equally, this adaptation means being with companies, meeting them with exactly the programs and services they need to help them restart their business or continue their business safely. ”

Mirela Dogaru says that the transformation of MedLife into a large group today is the consequence of a journey that they expected and planned: “MedLife is a company with a great deal of know-how in the area of ​​acquisitions, in a permanent development on medical infrastructure. It was not a sudden transition, but rather an accelerated route, of which we were aware and prepared, managing to integrate each new company into the group. We have a very good team on the procurement and development side „. Overall, looking back on his professional career, which he started at MedLife, he says that the most important things he has learned to appreciate are solid construction and how important it is not to leave what you can tomorrow. says today: “MedLife is not just a business school, it is a school of hope that things can be done well. ”

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