REGINA MARIA, the first medical network to implement artificial intelligence software in all imaging centers

XVision technology will help detect lung abnormalities in RX Torace and CT Torace investigations, with an essential role in post-COVID monitoring
Bucharest, December 15, 2021: After the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the REGINA MARIA Health Network has started a pilot project of artificial intelligence in imaging centers in Timisoara to validate the accuracy of the results of post-COVID investigations. The performance of XVision technology complements the expertise of physicians and generates major benefits in patient diagnosis, which is why the Network has decided to expand the program to all imaging centers. With this investment, REGINA MARIA becomes the first network to use an integrated artificial intelligence algorithm for computer services CT scan and chest x-rays. 

The algorithm developed by XVision has the role of mapping the areas that raise suspicions, being a tool that reduces the subjectivism of the doctor and ensures the accuracy of the final diagnosis. With its help, doctors can more easily identify lung lesions and increase the quality of the medical act. 

„We started with a pilot project in Timisoara, at the beginning of the year, in order to streamline the process of imaging interpretation. Among the main benefits of implementing the XVision software within REGINA MARIA are the accuracy of the diagnosis and the increase of the speed of elaboration of the medical reports. The release of the result is computer-assisted, and the medical staff is alerted to the pathological lesions that appeared after the examination. The application currently provides data exclusively in the chest area, already having millions of results in the database to help monitor cancer patients, post COVID, but also other lung pathologies. „Says Prof. Dr. Florin Birsasteanu, Medical Leader of the Imaging Division, REGINA MARIA Health Network.

Artificial intelligence is an important tool, especially in the monitoring of post-COVID patients and oncology patients, and will be available in all REGINA MARIA imaging centers that perform X-ray or CT investigations. The process is automated, each X-ray and CT image is automatically analyzed at the end of the investigation, the doctor then validating or invalidating the algorithm’s recommendations. The network has a structured training program for all medical staff (doctors and nurses in radiology and medical imaging), provided by XVision partners for the use of the software.

„Medicine can fully benefit from the advantages offered by technology only through a close and constant collaboration between the two parties. Our software analyzes common X-ray images, automatically detects abnormalities and allows the medical team to make a diagnosis together with a representation of the original scan, in which the abnormal areas are highlighted. ” Adds Stefan Iarca , CEO of XVision. 

Extending the application of the XVision algorithm in the Network is another step that continues the integrated post-COVID monitoring program developed by REGINA MARIA. As pioneers of this project in Romania, the Health Network has offered, starting with the end of 2020, free access to any patient to the Start Package, a package of analyzes and consultations meant to assess the post-COVID health condition. To date, more than 1,000 patients have benefited from such packages nationwide after overcoming the acute phase of the disease.

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