The multidisciplinary team of the Zetta Clinic performed an operation to replace a necrotic bone of the hand with a state-of-the-art pyrocarbon prosthesis

The multidisciplinary orthoplastic team of Zetta Clinic – Center of Excellence in Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery, performed the operation of a pyrocarbon prosthesis implant on a 21-year-old patient suffering from crescent bone necrosis, located at the wrist. The young man was diagnosed with this condition about a year and a half ago, but presented to the clinic recently, when the necrosis was already in a fairly advanced stage. Previously, the patient went to several clinics in England, where he was offered the option of a silicone implant – a product of poorer quality compared to the latest generation pyrocarbon prosthesis, produced in the USA.

Due to an abnormal anatomical conformation of the bones of the young man’s forearm, the crescent bone was subjected to additional pressure over time, which led to a change in shape, loss of vascularity and necrosis. The patient began to experience severe daily pain, along with limited function of the dominant hand. If he had delayed the operation, he risked developing osteoarthritis and would have required much more invasive surgery, which involved excision of both the crescent bone and neighboring bones and shortening of the hand or total blockage of the joint.

„The intervention had a high degree of complexity, given the accuracy with which it must be performed, but due to the solid training of the medical team, it was successfully completed. The patient is currently in good condition and will begin the recovery period, which will take about two months. This is just one example of the state-of-the-art surgical treatments that can be performed in our clinic. Zetta is one of the few centers in the country, or even the only one, that has the expertise to cover the full range of orthopedic and plastic surgery in the pathology of the hand, from fractures, necrosis, prosthetic implants, to replanting or finger transplants. foot to hand. ”  said Dr. Iulian-Daniel Vîlcioiu, the patient’s attending physician.

The operation consisted of excision of the necrotic bone at the wrist, preparation of the adjacent bones for the prosthesis, harvesting of a tendon graft and fixing the prosthesis in anatomical position with the help of the tenod graft and some titanium and gore-tex devices. According to the representatives of Enlife Solutions, the distributor of Integra pyrocarbon prostheses, this is the first order of such an implant in Romania.

The multidisciplinary orthoplastic team consisted of Dr. Dragoș Zamfirescu – doctor of medical sciences, primary doctor of plastic surgery, aesthetics and reconstructive microsurgery, Dr. Iulian-Daniel Vîlcioiu – specialist in orthopedics and traumatology, doctor of medical sciences and Dr. Irina Luca – anesthetist.

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