Percutaneous vertebroplasty at Ponderas Academic Hospital

Article written by Dr. Ileana Andreescu, Senior Medical Marketing Manager

The minimally invasive neurosurgical method successfully treats the pain associated with vertebral fractures.

Percutaneous vertebroplasty is one of the most effective methods for treating pain associated with vertebral fractures by compression, and is currently indicated as the first choice in centers specializing in spinal pathology worldwide.

This procedure is performed successfully by the team of neurosurgeons at Ponderas Academic Hospital , who perform sophisticated interventions under real-time radioscopic control.   

What are compression fractures?

The vertebrae are the bones that make up the spine. Compression vertebral fractures occur when the vertebral body collapses, being common in the elderly who have thin and fragile bones due to osteoporosis. Other causes of spinal cord injury include hematologic disease (multiple myeloma), vertebral tumors (bone metastases in breast, prostate, or lung cancer), vertebral hemangiomas, and severe trauma.

A special cement is injected into the vertebral body

By vertebroplasty, the fractured and compressed vertebral body is strengthened by injecting a cement with special properties. It interacts with the bone structures, stabilizing the vertebral body, which will be able to support the weight exerted on it. It is a minimally invasive procedure, which does not involve an open operation. The intervention requires special radiological equipment, the injection of the cement being carried out under radioscopic control which ensures the precise introduction of the cement into the compacted vertebral body.

The procedure takes about 20 minutes for each vertebral body treated and is often performed under local anesthesia.


If the vertebral fracture is recent, kyphoplasty can be performed in the first 6-8 weeks after its occurrence, a method by which the height of the vertebral body can be restored. Through this procedure, a balloon is inserted into the vertebral body, which creates a cavity and which is then filled with cement.

Kyphoplasty: the introduction of a balloon that is expanded to create a cavity and restore the height of the vertebral body.

The benefits of vertebroplasty

The result is impressive: in over 90% of patients treated with vertebroplasty, the pain disappears even after the first hours after surgery. Significant and rapid relief of pain allows these patients to be able to walk immediately postoperatively, an activity that would have been very painful only a few hours before. Patients will be discharged on the same day, and most of them will be able to resume their daily activities in 24-48 hours.

Other advantages of vertebroplasty are:

  • fast recovery
  • reduction of analgesic medication
  • improving mobility
  • very low complication rate

All these benefits will contribute to the well-being, both physical and emotional, of the patients.

Who is the ideal candidate for vertebroplasty?

For best results, it is recommended that the procedure be performed as soon as possible after the fracture has occurred: ideal candidates are patients in whom the pain is moderate or severe despite conservative treatment (rest, analgesics) performed for 2- 3 weeks. Older fractures can also be treated by vertebroplasty in carefully selected cases. Vertebroplasty is not indicated and is not effective in relieving symptoms in chronic back pain due to musculoskeletal or disc herniation.

Our neurosurgeons can help you find out if vertebroplasty is the best treatment for you. Because patient selection is important, your doctor will analyze your medical history and radiological investigations, which will allow them to accurately locate and determine the severity of vertebral fractures. Make an appointment now to discuss in detail the possibility of being treated by vertebroplasty.  

At Ponderas Academic Hospital, the pain associated with vertebral fractures by compression is treated by a team of neurosurgeons with extensive experience in the field:

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