The ARES Monza outpatient clinic is expanding

Since January, the ARES cardiology outpatient clinic inside the Monza Hospital has been expanding and becoming one of the largest and best equipped specialized outpatient clinics in Bucharest. The new outpatient clinic is completely renovated and equipped with quality equipment, modern medical offices and spaces for discussions between patients and ARES Help counselors.

What facilities will the new ARES cardiology outpatient clinic have?

The ARES cardiology clinic is located, as before, on the ground floor of Monza Hospital and has been expanded to have nine consulting rooms and a surveillance / wake-up room for sedated patients for transesophageal ultrasounds. 

The ARES team of cardiologists, which includes over 15 clinical cardiologists, will provide outpatient consultations to patients requesting appointments at the call center number 0319300. Also within the cardiology outpatient clinic, cardiologists and interventionists from the ARES team will provide consultations. , including Dr. Dan Deleanu, Dr. Iulian Călin and Dr. Nicolae Cârstea. 

All types of ultrasound: transthoracic cardiac ultrasound, transesophageal ultrasound and vascular and venous doppler ultrasound

At the ARES Cardiology Outpatient Clinic, patients will have a wide range of cardiology investigations, from transthoracic and transesophageal ultrasound, vascular and venous doppler ultrasound, to exercise tests or the installation of EKG and blood pressure holsters. 

Two exercise tests and special infrastructure for transesophageal ultrasound with deep sedation

Two of the outpatient clinics are equipped with treadmills for performing stress tests in conditions of perfect safety for the patient. Patients who require transesophageal ultrasound will also be able to benefit from this investigation on an outpatient basis. For the comfort of the patient, the transesophageal ultrasound is performed with deep sedation, and after the completion of the investigation, the patient remains under medical supervision until waking up from anesthesia, in a specially arranged room in the outpatient department.

Space dedicated to discussions between patients and ARES HELP counselors

ARES Help is a personalized support and counseling department dedicated to patients, in which each patient is assigned a medical advisor specialized in cardiology and interventional radiology. The ARES Help counselor is an empathetic and extremely well-trained person who can answer all the patient’s questions, both medical and administrative. From the ARES Help counselor, the patient finds out the duration, costs and medical documents necessary for the intervention and hospitalization and receives instructions about appointments and hospital stays. The ARES Help counselor keeps in touch with the patient’s family during hospitalization and is a permanent bridge of communication between the medical team and the patient. After the intervention,

A special space for discussions with dedicated ARES Help counselors was created within the outpatient department. In this space, patients will be able to consult information materials, will be able to see the medical devices that are used in various procedures and will find out all the information they need for the hospitalization period to be a quiet experience and free from the specific stress of hospitalization. .

Stress test cabinet

Why come to ARES Monza for a cardiology consultation?

The new ARES cardiology clinic offers you a complete medical experience.

With a history of over ten years and 15 medical premieres, we remain faithful to the mission of ARES, that of putting innovation and the needs of the patient at the center of our concerns. Here you have an experienced medical team, with doctors dedicated entirely to patients, with multiple skills in imaging and arrhythmology and a medical infrastructure that is suitable for any type of investigation necessary to establish the correct diagnosis. The location of the outpatient clinic at Monza Hospital, the largest private hospital for cardiology, interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery in Romania, makes each patient benefit from complete therapeutic solutions, no matter how complex the diagnosis. Each case is discussed in multidisciplinary teams, Heart Team, by physicians with related specializations who find together with the most appropriate personalized therapeutic solution for the patient.

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