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Because April 28 is World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Zetta Clinic, through Dr. Daniel Vilcioiu (orthopedic-traumatology specialist) will talk about what crush injuries mean on the hand and how to intervene in their case.

Crush injuries to the hands are injuries resulting from accidents with very high energy, which affects all the tissues in the hand (bones, ligaments, blood vessels and nerves) and medical recovery, in addition to surgery, is long term.

The most common method is to drop a very heavy object on your hand or hold your hand in the door, most of which take place at work. The symptoms are: very severe pain (due to dislocations and fractures that can also be produced, bleeding, swelling, bruising, bruising are other signs of certainty. If the nerves are affected, tingling, numbness predominate. Other symptoms may be cramps). or the impossibility of movement.

In case of such an accident, the emergency department must be called in as soon as possible. In the meantime, apply ice to the blow, wrapped in a towel / cloth (ice will help reduce inflammation).

A soft tissue x-ray or ultrasound is often needed to visualize adjacent tissue lesions. It requires a complete diagnosis and an immediate treatment plan to benefit from optimal results.

Massage of the area or hot applications should be avoided.

After the operation, the plastered immobilizations will be used, and depending on the post-surgical recovery, the medical recovery will be initiated.

Exercises in medical recovery will reduce inflammation and physiotherapy will accelerate tissue healing.

Surgery is resumed in the vast majority of cases to minimize sequelae and optimize function.

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Author:  Dr. Iulian-Daniel Vilcioiu

Orthopedic and Traumatology Specialist

Doctor of Medical Sciences

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