Gral Medical increased its turnover by 27% in 10 months

Gral Medical achieved in the first 10 months of 2021 a turnover of 39.8 million Euros.

Gral Medical managed its performance to increase its business by 2 digits in 2021, achieving in the first 10 months of the year a turnover of 39.8 million Euros (197 million lei). With these results, the company registers a 27% increase in revenues, compared to the similar period of the previous year.

The positive trend was the culmination of the company’s strategy to focus on innovative services and the development of one of the strongest oncology hospital brands: OncoFort. Based on these results, the company will exceed the financial projections by approximately 3 million Euros, considering that the revenues budgeted for 2021 were 45 million Euros.

“We managed to achieve these results by combining 2 fundamental elements: the profitability of new open centers and the development of niche projects in other regions of the country. It is like a balance that must be adjusted periodically, only in this way we managed to create a balance for a sustainable development. If you go too far in the first direction, the company stagnates as a business and will become vulnerable to external factors, if you go too far in the second direction the company will have problems with self-financing and will affect the whole company “Robert Serban, shareholder of Gral Medical.

In 2021, the centers in the province managed to obtain growth above the company’s average, so the Gral laboratory division and the OncoFort centers managed to increase by 50% compared to the previous year, thus becoming an important pole in the company’s development. The company’s network of OncoFort centers consists of 5 oncology hospitals, with a total capacity of 120 beds, 2 in Bucharest and one each in Pitesti, Ploiesti and Craiova.  

In 2021, Gral Medical managed to open 2 new laboratories (one in Timisoara and the newest in Pitesti) and 10 regional collection centers in 8 counties in the country: Olt, Vrancea, Arges, Sibiu, Bucharest, Alba, Bacau and Piatra Neamt. The total investment in opening new centers was over 500 thousand Euros.

“We want to continue the expansion at national level in 2022, and for the next years we intend to open medical centers in the north of the country. Our vision is to offer the same quality services, regardless of the region, both for the paraclinical diagnosis and for the oncological treatment ”Robert Serban, shareholder of Gral Medical.

Gral Medical is one of the most important private medical services companies in Romania, and is currently the leader in the oncology segment, laboratory tests in the capital and health cards for individuals. The 2 most important companies of the Gral Medical group are: Gral Medical and Medical Center Gral.

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