MENC 2022 – 17th Meeting of the Middle East-European Neurointerventional Club October 20-21, 2022 (Iasi, Romania)


As you know the tradition continues, we are now at the 17th edition of MENC, MENC2022 which will take place in the eastern part of the middle east, Iasi, Romania. The saying “learning by sharing” goes further. For more than 17 years the experience with good and bad has hardly and easily become routine in our daily practice. Iasi, known as the Historical and Cultural Capital of Romania, a symbol of Romanian history is honored to host this event in which EFMINT, the propellant of new neuroendovascular techniques from basic to complex, shows its intention to fight again and again with the most difficult problems of human pathology, stroke, aneurysms, vascular malformations and other.

The charming Townlet of Iasi, as it is also called Iasi, in the heart of Moldavia where tradition combines with innovation opens its gates widely.

As this new year 2022 comes with hopes, don’t forget to save the dates 20-21 October, 2022, Iasi, Romania the place where the story and the spirit of MENC go further.

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