TECRES portfolio on Spinal and Cranial Surgery represented in Romania by Enlife Solutions

TECRES is an Italian company founded in 1981. Every day, they study and develop biomaterials and medical devices in the fields of orthopedics, traumatology, spinal consolidation and neurosurgery. The results of their research have allowed them to patent and launch a range of innovative and effective products that have built their brilliant success story. Today, their products help improve the living conditions of more than 2 million people each year.

Some of the most significant products from Tecres research include:

  • 2001 Mendec® Cranio and Cranos, acrylic resins and custom skull prostheses
  • 2002 Mendec® Spine, the resin for strengthening vertebral fractures

„Knowing that our products improve the lives of many people every day. This is our ambition. This is our reward.” (TECRES, Italy)

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TECRES offers you, through Enlife Solutions, the following solutions:

Cranial surgery

1. CRANOS Specific prosthesis for antibiotic skulls (Gentamicin or antibiotic mix – Gentamicin+ Vancomycin)

Cranos is a custom‑made PMMA implant made by a highly specialised team. Thanks to our expertise in the clinical application of PMMA, we can develop custom‑made implants that perfectly adapt to the bone defect, even large ones.


A customised solution: Cranos implants are designed based on patients’ tomographic images. That’s why they perfectly adapt to the bone defect, protecting the anatomical thickness of the skull.

Strong and resistant: Cranos implants are made of Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), an acrylic resin widely used for clinical applications. PMMA is safe, biocompatible, and highly resistant. It’s also elastic and withstands small shocks without breaking or deforming. Cranos implants are perfectly visible on X‑rays, since PMMA contains barium sulphate, a common radiopaque agent. Moreover, Cranos is compatible with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

2. MENDEC CRANIO Acrylic cement cranioplasty (for filling cranial defects)

Mendec® Cranio is an acrylic resin developed for cranioplasty procedures. It is a safe and reliable solution for repairing skull holes, craniotomy cuts, and other cranial defects. This resin is extremely malleable and perfectly adapts to the cranial defect. Once the resin has hardened, it can be drilled and milled. It can also be used for fixation by means
of plates and screws or suture threads. The formula includes barium sulphate, which makes resin radiopaque and thus perfectly visible on X‑rays.


Malleability: shortly after mixing, Mendec® Cranio becomes extremely malleable, allowing for prolonged surgical manipulation. Mendec® Cranio remains malleable for a long time, allowing the reconstruction of the bone defect. Once the resin has hardened, it can be drilled and milled. It can also
be used for fixation by means of plates and screws or suture threads.

Perfect reconstruction: thanks to its malleability, Mendec® Cranio can reconstruct the cranial defect, achieving excellent aesthetics. Its texture keeps the given shape even before the resin hardens. Therefore, exothermic polymerisation must occur on an external medium, away from the meninges.

Safety: PMMA is a biocompatible material with excellent mechanical properties: elasticity, resistance and lightness. PMMA is widely used in clinical applications. Its safety has been reliably demonstrated.

Reduced toxicity: thanks to our special production process, Mendec® Cranio needs less liquid (MMA). This means reduced toxicity and lower polymerisation temperature.

Spinal surgery

3. Mendec Spine Vertebroplasty KIT for Osteoporosis

Mendec® Spine Kit is the complete kit for vertebral augmentation procedures, and does not require any external accessory for both the preparation and the supply of resin. The kit includes Mendec® Spine resin, and Mendec® Spine Gun, a device that enables the application of resin in vertebral bodies with precision and in total security. Mendec® Spine Kit has barium sulphate mixed inside the powder, in order to provide the surgeon with constant visibility and control over the procedure.


  • Easy and user friendly
  • Mixing system included
  • Delivery system included

4. Mendec® Aqua Delivery System for Vertebral Augmentation

Mendec® Aqua is the revolutionary hydraulic delivery system for spinal resin, that assures safety & control during vertebral augmentation procedures. It’s been designed to easily deliver even high viscosity spinal resins in total safety and control.

Extend your safety

Interventionalists and their staff are exposed to high amounts of radiation due to the long, complicated procedures performed every day and their proximity to the radiation source.
Mendec® Aqua has been developed with the precise intent to enhance the protection of the operators. The distance from the fluoroscope plays a major role in reducing the absorbed radiation dose. Thanks to its 155 cm tube it allows the operator to stand away from the radiation source, and to significantly reduce radiation exposure.

The inverse square law

The inverse square law describes the principle of dose reduction as the distance from the source increases. It states that a specified physical quantity or intensity (radiation intensity in our case) is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that physical quantity. Thus if you double the distance you reduce the dose by a factor of four.

Power and control

The hydraulic system allows to multiply the force applied by the operator, making it 3 times stronger, allowing to easily extrude high viscosity resins with ease. Thanks to its precise screw, Mendec® Aqua offers total extrusion control over the injection. Cement extrusion can be blocked immediately just by screwing the system anti-clockwise.

Exclusive torque limiter

Mendec® Aqua is equipped with the exclusive torque limiter, which is a mechanism that prevents the pression applied to become excessive. When the pression limit is reached the mechanism will idle, guaranteeing a safe procedure.

Our safest combination

Mendec® Aqua and Mendec® Spine HV System have been study to be our best and safest combination. It combines the benefits of our exclusive all-in-one closed system with the safety of our hydraulic gun.

5. Mendec® Spine Acrylic resin for Vertebral Augmentation

Mendec® Spine is the user friendly low viscosity spine resin. The preparation process is easy and safe, and does not require an external mixer. Its optimal fluidity and its viscosity allow an easy injection for an extended time and enough quantity for multilevel treatment. Mendec® Spine has barium sulphate mixed inside the powder, in order to provide the surgeon with constant visibility and control over the procedure.


  • Easy and user friendly
  • Mixing system included

6. Bone Injection Needles for Vertebral Augmentation

A wide range of spinal augmentation needles with 4 different sizes and 2 types of tips is available.


  • Luer-Lock connection system
  • Shock resistant metal head
  • Ergonomic handle in radiotransparent plastic or steel
  • Needle direction marker

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