Bioresorbable solutions for adults and children in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery offered by INION, Finland

About Inion

Inion Oy is a medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative bioabsorbable and bioactive screws, plates, pins, anchors, tacks and bone graft substitutes for Speciality Orthopaedic, Craniomaxillofacial, Spinal and Dental applications. Our aim is to provide surgeons the freedom to choose bioabsorbable implants over metal when it’s the best option for their patients. Approximately one million of our bioabsorbable implants have already been used in over 300 000 surgical operations.

Inion products are used to enhance the healing of bone or soft tissue injuries, such as those caused by trauma or reconstructive surgery. Inion’s core expertise is in the design and manufacture of implants from its proprietary Inion® family of biomaterials, which enables our company to develop medical implants with properties tailored for specific surgical applications, in terms of strength, flexibility and rate of degradation. Our products are sold through a dedicated network of specialist distributors around the world.

As Inion was incorporated in 2000, last year marked our 20-year anniversary celebrations. These last 20 years have been an adventure and we’re happy we have had the opportunity to take part in so many patients’ stories. Our slogan is “Leave no trace” and that’s what our company and all of us working here are passionate about: surgical fixation implants which fulfill their purpose and then disappear.

INION vă oferă, prin intermeInion CPS™ and Inion CPS™ Baby Bioabsorbable Fixation System

Inion´s bioabsorbable answer for cranio-maxillofacial surgery. The fixation system contains a selection of resorbable plates in different shapes and resorbable screws. The Inion CPS™  product family includes also CPS™ Baby product line. Inion CPS™ implants have been optimized in terms of handling properties, strength and degradation characteristics to support a more natural healing process. The Inion CPS™ implants are based on Inion biodegradable polymer blends which are composed of L-Lactide, D,L-Lactide, Polyglycolide and Trimethylene Carbonate (TMC). These polymers have a long history of safe clinical use.

Inion CPS™ Bioabsorbable Fixation System is composed of:

Inion CPS™ System

– For adult patients’ use
– 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm systems


  • Mechanical strength retention: 70% of the initial strength 9 weeks after implantation
  • Bioresorption time: 2-4 years

Inion CPS™Baby System

– For paediatric patients’ use
– 1.5 mm system


  • Mechanical strength retention: 70% of the initial strength 6 weeks after implantation
  • Bioresorption time: 2-3 years


Since their introduction in 2001, the Inion CPS™ and Inion CPS™ Baby implants have been used successfully in more than 120 000 operations by an increasing number of physicians

  • The most comprehensive biodegradable plating system available – the only one comparable to titanium in its scope of use
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Fast screw fixation with the Inion CPS™ self-drilling bone taps and the surgical Pro-Dex Pro-Driver
  • Inion CPS™ Baby implants reduce risk of growth restriction in children
  • No permanent implant left in the body reducing risk of implant migration and stress shielding
  • Predictable degradation progressively loads the bone to aid bone regeneration
  • Non-interference with postoperative imaging (X-ray, CT, MRI)
  • Addresses patient concerns about implant permanence, palpability and temperature sensitivity
  • Avoidance of removal surgery, reducing patient trauma and cost
  • Unlike other biodegradables, the implants are suited for all CMF areas, both adult and paediatric patients, including:
  1. paediatric craniofacial trauma and reconstruction
  2. fractures and reconstructive procedures of the cranium
  3. orthognathic surgery and trauma of the midface and maxilla
  4. fractures and osteotomies of the mandible*

* in conjunction with appropriate maxillomandibular fixation





For more information, see the official INION website>>

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