Biopsy, Kyphoplasty and Nucleoplasty Solutions offered by BiopsyBell Medica (BPB)

BPB MEDICA™ is an Italian biomedical manufacturing company specialized in the design, production and marketing of high qualitative healthcare products for medical use and medical-surgery devices in the fields of Minimally Invasive Surgery. Our company offers medical products for percutaneous interventions in the spinal, diagnostic, regenerative medicine and assisted reproduction fields.

BPB MEDICA™ was founded in 1999 by the Bellini family, boasting thirty years’ experience in the biomedical sector. The founder, Carlo Bellini Sr., started the business in 1968 and has passed down to his heirs ethics, integrity and spirit of sacrifice. Today BPB MEDICA™ has leveraged its 50 years’ experience to develop new innovative product lines, growing the company on international level.

The philosophy of BPB MEDICATM  is to grow alongside the needs of patients, surgeons and hospital staff in general.Backed by the experience acquired by the company’s specialized technical personnel and thanks to newly-adopted technologies, BPB MEDICA™ has quickly managed to make a name for itself on the domestic and international markets.” (BPB MEDICA™, Italy)

BPB MEDICA offers you the following solutions:

1. Trocar-tip needles for bone marrow biopsy


  • The “Trocar” tip stylet guarantees fast and non-traumatic penetration.
  • The ergonomic handle improves grip and the precision of the biopsy operation.
  • With the universal Luer-Lock connector, any syringe can be connected.
  • The ultra-sharp crown tip of the cannula facilitates the removal of an intact bone marrow fragment.
OSTEOBELL “T” Biopsy Jamshidi needle

The “Osteobell T” Set includes: a dedicated extractor for quick ejection of the sample to be analysed; a specific guide device to protect the operator’s hands during sample extraction; a protective cap.

ILIAC MARROW Bone marrow aspiration needle with T-handle

The ILIAC MARROW needle is a single-use device for bone marrow aspiration from the iliac crest.

STERNOBELL Bone marrow aspiration needle

The STERNOBELL needle is a single-use device for bone marrow aspiration from the sternum and the iliac crest.

2. Needles for soft tissue biopsy

SPEEDYBELL DOPPIA CORSA Semi-automatic guillotine needle with 10mm or 20mm collection area
  • The distinctive feature of this needle is the possibility of choosing between a 10mm or 20mm sample cavity.
  • The echogenic marker on the end of the cannula allows constant monitoring of the needle position during biopsy.
  • The centimetre depth markings on the cannula let users control of the depth reached.
  • The ring handle of the device allows it to be gripped and held easily during the biopsy procedure.
  • The SPEEDYBELL DOPPIA CORSA needle can be equipped with a coaxial needle (Introducer) to the device, recommended in biopsies with multiple samples (egg. mammary biopsies).
BIOSOFT Automatic aspiration device for histological biopsy
  • Possibility to perform the biopsy with one hand, thanks to the presence of a spring that allows the sample to be taken automatically.
  • Speed and certainty of biopsy performance.
  • The particular sharpening of the tip enables users to obtain an integral sample, through a simple and non-traumatic penetration.
  • The centimetre depth markings allow a safe positioning of the needle.
  • The sliding stopper enables pre-definition of the penetration depth.
  • The internal echogenic marker prevents dragging of tumour cells during biopsy.
  • Two versions available:
    – With a fixed cannula
    – With a removable cannula
GAMMA Aspiration needle and prenatal diagnosis
  • The particular sharpening of the modified Chiba-tip improves penetration, making it less invasive and traumatic.
  • The centimetre depth marker, sliding stopper and internal echo marker, make it easier and more accurate to control the depth reached.
  • Equipped with a Luer-Lock universal connection.
  • The passage of liquids can be seen through the transparent plastic handle.
MOON Breast lesions localization needle
  • The particular sharpness of the needle tip improves penetration.
  • Centimetre depth marker, sliding stopper and internal echo marker.
  • Easier and more accurate control of the depth reached.
  • Non-repositionable hook, available with a “single hook” or “double hook”, used as a guide towards the lesion to be eliminated.


Renova Spine is a minimally invasive system for kyphoplasty procedure to treat fractures, restore vertebral body height and reduce back pain.
A vertebral compression fracture (VCF) occurs when the vertebral body fractures and collapses due to osteoporotic conditions, tumors (eg. myeloma) or trauma.
The principle of kyphoplasty is to restore vertebral body anatomy gently and progressively by inflating balloons and then reinforcing the anterior column of the vertebra with cement. The balloons create a cavity within the vertebral body, compressing the cancellous bone and thus limiting the risk of cement leakage from the vertebral body.
The balloon catheter is then deflated and the cavity created is now filled with bone cement avoiding any leakage.


  • Minimally invasive surgery: patient recovers faster
  • Fast approach: kyphoplasty procedure with direct percutaneous vertebral access and reduced number of surgical steps
  • Percutaneous: less invasive and less traumatic treatment
  • Reduced profile of cannula and balloon catheter
  • Cavity creation: minimized risk of cement leakage
  • Vertebral body height restoration
  • No metallic impants left in situ
  • Reduction in morbidity and fast functional recovery
  • From lower thoracic to lumbar vertebrae

4. DISKOM – Percutaneous discectomy probe


  • Preserves discal annulus integrity
  • Rapid rehabilitation
  • Total procedure time: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Up to 2cc of disc material collected
  • Disc material collected could be used for bioptic procedures
  • Available for thoraco-lumbar and cervical spine
  • Totally single use device
  • No further equipment needed
  • No capital investment required
  • No thermal damages to the nerve roots
  • Percutaneous access → totally MIS procedure
  • Fast recovery after treatment
  • Just local anesthesia needed
  • Fast discharge of the patient


  • Introduce the access needle under fluoroscopy into the disc.
  • Remove the stylet and introduce the probe into the cannula.
  • Lock the probe to the access needle through the luer-lock connection.
  • Switch the probe on.
  • Carry out a continuum movement in antero-posterior direction, for 2/3 minutes. Alternatively, proceed with a rotary movement.
  • Disc material is then removed and collected along the probe stylet or into the collection chamber.
  • After switching off remove the device.

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