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Our global franchise areas


Orthopaedics includes an innovative range of Hip and Knee Implants used to replace diseased, damaged or worn joints, robotics-assisted enabling technologies that empower surgeons, and Trauma products used to stabilise severe fractures and correct bone deformities.

Sports Medicine & ENT

Our Sports Medicine and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) businesses offer advanced products and instruments used to repair or remove soft tissue. They operate in growing markets where unmet clinical needs provide opportunities for procedural and technological innovation.

Advanced Wound Management 

Our Advanced Wound Management portfolio provides a comprehensive set of products to meet broad and complex clinical needs, to help healthcare professionals get CLOSER TO ZERO human and economic consequences of wounds.

Smith&Nephew offers you the following Foot and Ankle Surgery Solutions:

Cadence is designed for predictable procedures.

Streamlined instrumentation

  • Reproducible implant alignment due to fluoroscopic cues
  • Repeatable talar preparation with pins that set the location of multiple guides
  • Intuitive tray and instrument layout to facilitate procedure flow
  • Faster mean O.R. time1 as compared to reported O.R. times2-3 of Wright Medical® Infinity® and InBone® with Prophecy® PSI

Advanced anatomic design

  • Anatomic tibial baseplate with fibular sulcus
  • Anatomic talar implant with a conical axis of rotation
  • Biased poly inserts to address sagittal deformities
  • 672 customizable implant combinations to treat a variety of patient anatomies

System benefits
Versatile and adaptive system
• All implants and instruments are contained in a single, two-tier sterilization tray
Easy, reliable and reproducible fixation
• Anatomically contoured plates, complete instrumentation set
Rigid Fixation
• Locking technology increases stability for demanding procedures such as revision ankle arthrodesis or failed total ankle arthrodesis
Possible uses for Arthrodesis Plates*
The TIBIAXYS Ankle Fusion plates are dedicated for arthrodesis of the ankle (tibiotalar joint).
Arthrodesis of the ankle may be required resulting from:
• Primary osteoarthritis
• Post-traumatic osteoarthritis
• Arthritis of the ankle

  • The Smith+Nephew TIBIAXYS Plates are indicated in surgical procedures used for the treatment of arthritis.

QWIX◊ diam. 3.0mm • QWIX diam. 4.3mm
These screws are indicated for fixation of bone fractures or for bone reconstruction:
• Mono-cortical or Bi-cortical osteotomies in the foot or the hand.
• Fracture management in the foot or the hand.
• Fixation of bone fragments in long bone or small bone fractures.
• Arthrodesis in foot, ankle surgery or hand surgery.
The size of the chosen screw should be adapted to the specific indication.

Bold® compression screw (2.5 / 3.0 / 3.7 mm) is indicated for fixing bone fractures or for bone reconstructions, such as: fixing small bone fractures, in case of long or small bone fractures; arthrodesis in the case of foot or hand surgery; mono- or bi-cortical osteotomies of the foot or hand; metatarsal or metacarpal osteotomies, distal or proximal; fixation of osteotomies in the treatment of cases of Hallux Valgus, such as Scarf, Chevron, etc.

The Smith+Nephew TOTAL FOOT SYSTEM 2 (TFS2) is a system containing bone plates and screws designed for use in the skeletally mature foot. The plates and screws are intended to be used for stabilization and fixation of fresh fractures, intra-articular and extra-articular fractures, joint depression and multi-fragmentary fractures. The subject devices can also be used in revision procedures, joint fusion, and in reconstructing the small bones of the feet.

The TOTAL FOOT SYSTEM 2 (TFS2) is intended for skeletally mature patients for the following:
• Stabilization and fixation of fresh fractures.
• Intra-articular and extra-articular fractures, joint depression, and multi-fragmentary fractures.
• Revision procedures, joint fusion and reconstruction of small bones of the feet.

SUBTALAR MBA◊ Implant Description
The SUBTALAR MBA titanium implant is the original, time-tested metallic arthroereisis implant for the correction of hyperpronated foot.
BIOBLOCK◊ Implant Description
The BIOBLOCK Implant is a resorbable arthroereisis device constructed of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). It is designed to provide support and hold the foot in alignment while adjunctive procedures heal.

Based on the HALLU◊-FIX design, HALLU-LOCK is a comprehensive M.T.P Arthrodesis System with locking screw technology for the following:
• Anatomical design
• Accuracy
• Versatility
• Reproducibility
• Strong stability with SURFIX locking fixation
The HALLU-LOCK System is intended for fixation of fractures, osteotomies or arthrodesis of the first metatarso-phalangeal joint, including cases of:
• Hallux rigidus
• Severe hallux valgus (IM angle >20° and HV angle > 40°)
• Deformity from rheumatoid arthritis
• Failed previous surgical procedure
• Traumatic arthritis
• Neuromuscular instability

The talo-tibio-calcaneal arthrodesis is characterized by its challenging technique.
The use of a retrograde nail is part of the therapeutic option that allows:
• Re-alignment of the foot on the weight-bearing axis.
• Correction of coronal and saggital plane deformities.
• Rotational stability.
• Axial compression.
The PANTA Nail System has been designed to best achieve these targets through:
• Precise and radiolucent instrumentation.
• A unique system to apply compression balanced with multi-planar screw fixation — in the tibia, the talus and the calcaneus — and enhanced calcaneal fixation to optimize stability and alignment of the arthrodesis.

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