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Smith+Nephew is a global medical technology company. We design and manufacture technology that takes the limits off living. We support healthcare professionals to return their patients to health and mobility, helping them to perform at their fullest potential.

From our first employee and founder, T.J. Smith, to our team today,  it’s our people who make Smith+Nephew a unique place.

Yes, we love to innovate and develop exciting technologies, and we offer competitive salaries and progressive benefits. But it’s our culture – of Care, Collaboration and Courage – that really sets us apart.

Through a spirit of ownership and can-do attitude, we work together to win.

We’re a company of people who care about each other, about our customers and their patients, and about our communities. 

Together, we fulfill our shared purpose of Life Unlimited.

Our global franchise areas


Orthopaedics includes an innovative range of Hip and Knee Implants used to replace diseased, damaged or worn joints, robotics-assisted enabling technologies that empower surgeons, and Trauma products used to stabilise severe fractures and correct bone deformities.

Sports Medicine & ENT

Our Sports Medicine and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) businesses offer advanced products and instruments used to repair or remove soft tissue. They operate in growing markets where unmet clinical needs provide opportunities for procedural and technological innovation.

Advanced Wound Management 

Our Advanced Wound Management portfolio provides a comprehensive set of products to meet broad and complex clinical needs, to help healthcare professionals get CLOSER TO ZERO human and economic consequences of wounds.

Smith&Nephew offers you the following Hand and Wrist Surgery Solutions:

The PyroCarbon PIP is a two component total joint replacement made from biocompatible PyroCarbon. The implant is anatomically designed to promote implant alignment and stability.

The Silicone PIP features 6 sizing options pre-flexed at 15 degrees reproducing the normal resting position of the hand. The implant collar and anatomical stems enhance the implant stability and fixation in the medullary canal. When compared to other pre-flexed implants the Silicone PIP offers a low profile dorsal aspect for patient comfort.

The PyroCarbon MCP Total Joint is part of an MCP system featuring two implant options that utilize the same instrumentation and surgical techniques: a two-component, anatomically designed PyroCarbon total joint replacement and a one-piece silicone spacer consisting of proximal and distal intramedullary stems and central flexible hinge.

The only total system on the market that allows you to choose the optimal MCP device intraoperatively – PyroCarbon Total Joint or Silicone Spacer. The system consists of five sizing options (size 05-40) that use the same color-coded instrumentation for both implants to address specific patient anatomy.

The Integra® PyroSphere® CMC is a stable and conservative approach to CMC arthroplasty merging established design with advanced material. The spherical implant is designed to preserve the trapezium and critical surrounding soft tissues, maintain thumb height, reproduce range of motion, and eliminate pain. The Integra PyroSphere is available in 5 sizes.

The NUGRIP CMC Implant is designed to relieve pain and restore range of motion in the first carpometacarpal (CMC) joint of patients with arthritis.
The NUGRIP CMC Implant, made of PyroCarbon, is a single component which minimizes bone resections and preserves the trapezium. The stem is anatomically designed to press fit within the intramedullary canal without cement. The stem and collar enhance stability and minimize the possibility of movement or toggling of the stem within the canal. The spherical head provides the maximum opportunity for range of motion. The instrumentation is streamlined and color coded for simplified use. There are nine sizing options.

The system consists of components to replace the articulation of the distal radius and proximal row of carpal bones of the wrist joint and corresponding instrumentation. The components are intended to be implanted together as a system, not individually as hemi-arthroplasty components.
The radial component is made of Cobalt Chrome Molybdenum Alloy (CrCoMo) and has a concave articulating surface and is fixed by means of a stem which is inserted and cemented into the radial intramedullary canal.
The carpal implant is an assembly consisting of a titanium carpal plate, which is fixed into the carpal bones with a cemented central peg and two titanium screws and locking caps. A convex Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) bearing is locked onto the carpal plate to articulate with the radial component.
Instrumentation is provided to assist in the surgical implantation of the Smith+Nephew FREEDOM Wrist Arthroplasty System. It is important that the instruments and trial implants used are those specifically designed for this device to ensure accurate installation.

The First Choice Distal Radioulnar Joint (DRUJ) System offers a partial and total modular ulnar replacement head providing surgical options for limiting uncertainty in the Operating Room. The implants and instruments for each system are included in the tray. They are available in multiple sizes to meet most patients’ anatomy.

The Spider™ and Mini Spider™ Limited Wrist Fusion System consist of two stainless steel plates, featuring an 8-hole and a 6-hole design. Both plates have a unique three-dimensional design optimized for four-corner and other limited wrist fusion procedures.

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