AREX – Universal Tendon Spacer (U.T.S.) for Hand Surgery and Plastic Surgery

AREX® is an independent and innovative company founded in 1997 that develops, manufactures and distributes medical devices designed for Hand Surgery and Plastic Surgery.

AREX offers you the following Hand Surgery and Plastic Surgery solutions:

Universal Tendon Spacer (U.T.S.)

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  • One size fits all [4 tendon spacers in one]
  • Simplified surgical technique
  • Optimally designed for two-step reconstructive surgery of the flexor and extensor tendons


  • By design, UTS helps to restore the maximum anatomical space allowed by the digital channel, creating a pseudo-synovial sheath as large as possible.
  • The smooth surface of the STU allows the formation of the pseudosynovial envelope used for autograft implantation during the second stage of the reconstructive procedure.
  • UTS can also be used as a physical support for the reconstruction of the digital channel.
  • High performance silicone elastomer.
  • STU is radiopaque [loaded with barium sulphate].


UTS has a unique patented design, its oval cross area varies in size along the length of the device, as shown in the drawing. Its major diameter [A] is always twice its minor diameter [B].


  • Sold sterile
  • Ready to use

Surgical technique in two steps:

Other solutions AREX:

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