evonos – Future-oriented neurosurgery products for more working comfort and better patient outcomes

evonos has established a reputation as an innovative supplier of high-quality equipment to customers around the world.

We believe this reputation is largely down to the beliefs, attitudes and values that drive the company forward.

Philosophy and values

Our philosophy, as well as the values that drive us, can be divided into four principles:

Comfort – We want to offer surgeons the possibility to concentrate on the essentials. Our products offer the best possible reliability and safety.

Quality of life – We take responsibility towards the patient. Already during the development of our products it is our highest ambition to satisfy not only the surgeons, but also the patients.

German Engineering – With a tradition of German precision, we specialize in the manufacture of neurosurgical instruments, patient specific implants and surgical lights. Each product incorporates evonos’ intelligence combined with unique design for maximum usability.

Design – We are guided by modern design thinking processes when it comes to the precision of our products. evonos uses the power of design to differentiate itself from the competition with its own product language.


With our innovative, thoughtful technologies and as an established partner of leading neurosurgeons and neurological clinics, we aim to increase efficiency in the operating room and help patients get back to their lives as comfortably as possible. We work responsibly and tirelessly on every detail that increases comfort for operators and patients alike. Our vision is to help shape the future in the operating room with our neurosurgical instruments, patient specific implants and surgical lights.


Product quality is at the heart of the evonos manufacturing process. High quality standards are expected across the medical instrument industry, yet we aim to exceed those standards and deliver a superior level of quality and innovation that customers can rely on. The quality of our processes and products have been endorsed by all relevant standards organisations, and we are proud to present current quality certificates below for you to download.

evonos offers you the following solutions:

evoProtect – a silicone film that makes a big difference
Until now, it was necessary to use products that were intended primarily for other indications – now the non-stick film evoProtect offers a safe, convenient and at the same time cost-effective solution as a protective layer temporarily between the layers of tissue in the cranial area.

Ready to use and easy to customize
After surgery, the open area of ​​the head region is often covered only with the skin flap. This can lead to strong adhesions of the tissue layers.

Specially designed for this purpose, evoProtect offers the optimal solution. Supplied ready to use, the sterile silicone foil can be individually and precisely cut to fit the opening with conventional surgical scissors.

Biocompatible silicone: proven and safe
The material, which is used successfully in many medical fields, is biocompatible and does not react with the surrounding tissue. The non-stick film adapts to the anatomical characteristics of the patient and forms a temporary protective layer between the layers of tissue.

Avoiding injuries, increasing efficiency
Protection against adhesion promotes an improved cosmetic end result and pain after surgery can be prevented. Prolonged separation of tissue layers is no longer necessary. Various studies have shown that the risk of injury is thus very low compared to conventional methods.

Shorter operating time, lower risk of infection
Non-stick foil can be easily removed and discarded. Using evoProtect significantly reduces operating time and greatly reduces blood loss. At the same time, the likelihood of further infections is low because fewer blood transfusions are needed and tissue / muscle damage is less common.

Convincing price and performance
As a pure non-stick film, evoProtect is specially designed for this defined indication and fulfills a clear functional promise. However, this is reflected in the significant price-performance ratio.

evoDrill – low effort, high precision
Everything about evoDrill is designed to make your surgeon’s job both more comfortable and more efficient. In turn, this allows the patient to recover faster and enjoy better results.

The unique design requires less force The
unique geometry of the burrs at the waist allows precise, efficient and effortless drilling – the holes are drilled quickly and easily. More precision, less brute force.

Safety function to prevent soft tissue damage
The shear force of evoDrill is applied by the edges rather than the tip. When the drill bit pierces the bone, the lack of pressure on the drill bit activates a safety clutch – eliminating the risk of damaging the underlying soft tissue.

Positioning tip for increased accuracy
A small positioning tip at the drill point means no slipping. From the moment the drilling begins, the drill remains in the right place, ensuring consistency and accuracy. No other competitor does that.

Suitable for thin bone layers
In addition to the standard 3 mm product, evonos offers 1 mm evoDrill variants designed specifically for thinner skulls, such as in pediatric applications.

Disposable – for simplicity and safety
Designed for single use, they are always perfectly sharp and sterilized with the gamma range. No expensive and time-consuming cleaning or sharpening, no need to store more stock.

Universal mounting
Each evoDrill uses industry standard Hudson bracket and can be supplied with adapters to fit virtually any other chuck or coupling.

Precisely designed in Germany
Each evoDrill product is made in Germany and quality control is checked before packaging.

evoBase –  an uncompromising position
Helps neurosurgeons operate more efficiently while helping clinics operate more economically.

Perfection in titanium
The elegant titanium frame not only makes the evoBase headrest system an aesthetic product, but titanium also ensures an optimal strength-to-weight ratio. Therefore, it is less bulky than comparable systems and opens up more space for work. At the same time, the patient’s skull can be gripped with a precise and uncompromising fit.

Visible force control
The integrated force indicator includes the 90, 180, 270 and 360 Newton scale, providing better guidance when it comes to the precise fixation of patients’ skulls.

Built to your requirements
With 90 teeth instead of the usual 40 teeth in the positioning device, the evoBase headrest system allows for the finest patient positioning and ensures that there are no intraoperative movements. That is why it is used where maximum accuracy is required.

The innovative clamping mechanism ensures absolute stability and safety during surgery. Once the evoBase is in place, the rotary knob can be removed – this opens up more room for the surgeon.

High accuracy
Adjustable needle positions allow the skull to fit snugly and the fit as accurately as possible. This fixation also satisfactorily and safely meets the different anatomical conditions of the patients.

Electromagnetic navigation
Unlike aluminum, titanium has no effect on electromagnetic navigation. The evoBase headrest system thus allows unrestricted use in this regard as well.

Cleaning and durability
Thanks to the titanium material, the headrest system is 100% aluminum-free and corrosion-resistant, so it can be easily cleaned and sterilized. In addition, the strength of the titanium frame and other wear-resistant parts makes evoBase easier to use, more cost-effective and more durable.

evoFrame – stable, adaptable, powerful
evoFrame is a sterile, single-use, sterile soft tissue retraction system that can be individually adapted to specific anatomical conditions. Designed for ease of use, it can be easily adjusted and securely fastened by the surgeon.

Adapts to anatomical shape
Stabilized by using two opposite hooks, evoFrame can be adjusted in three sizes to provide the best possible fit. The silicone chain can also be adjusted manually.

Reliable, stable
fit The perfect locking mechanism of the joints, the strong silicone chain and the stainless steel hooks make it a robust system you can rely on.

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