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Our Company manufactures medical materials for use in fields of Urology, Urogynecology and Herniation; and conducts worldwide distribution of these products.
Our Company has ISO 13485:2016 and CE certification. Our products are manufactured according to Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC .

• Our Quality Policy

As Duzey Medical;
Our basic policy is to manufacture the true product without needing to try a second time in an affordable and timely manner according to the expectations of our customers by continuously renewing ourselves, performing all enhancements in our organization and using resources of the nature wisely, in order to providing a high level of benefit in terms of quality as required by the competitive nature in today’s market with a faithful, ranked, honest, hardworking, well-disciplined, and optimistic personnel who respects scientific facts and prioritizes all levels of education and training.

• Quality Commitment

As Management of Duzey Medical; we hereby undertake that we will provide our products in compliance with legal regulations and customer expectations; initiate all required precautions, conform to our Quality Management System which has been defined and applied as well as to facilitate all resources which are needed for optimal, seamless operation of the system.

Duzey Medikal offers you the following product:


Brain pads are essential aids in brain and spine surgeries. Based on their application, brain pads have two main functions. First of these is to help hemostat by acting as a tampon at the bleeding region. And the second one is to enable blood absorption at regions that can’t be cauterized. Duzey Surgical Brain Pad is produced from non-woven cotton containing viscose and polypropylene developed in world standards. It has high suction capacity.


  • Duzey surgical brain pads are made of highly absorbent non-woven cotton, they can absorb liquid more than their own weight, and they offer ideal softness, flexibility and applicability. 
  • Duzey surgical brain pads are completely stable. They can adapt to all surfaces and stay stable in their positions, and thus provide excellent protection. 
  • Duzey surgical brain pads are biocompatible. They are made of biocompatibility proven viscose and polypropylene suitable for medical use. 
  • Duzey surgical brain pads can be detected with X-Rays thanks to their X-Ray lines. 
  • Duzey surgical brain pads are offered in sterile bags of 10 and a box contains 20 bags.


Duzey Surgical Brain Pads is not recommended to be left inside the body for more than 15 minutes. 
Duzey Surgical Brain Pads are recommended to be moisturized before application.

Duzey Surgical Brain Pads Presentation

Duzey Surgical Brain Pads are supplied in sterile position. Thanks to the counting card inside these sterile bags, the number of pads used during the operation can be tracked. The standard sizes of Duzey surgical brain pads are as follows. However they can also be produced in different sizes upon request.

Duzey surgical pads are offered in sterile bags of 10 and a box contains 20 bags.

 Standard Sizes;

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