Groupe Lépine – A family business since 1714

Who are we

A family business

Groupe Lépine is a French company that has been cultivating one and the same ambition since 1714: to become the privileged partner of the medical world.

To do this, she has never ceased to affirm her desire to preserve her independence and her family values, which today allows her to make her own choices and demand the best.

French industrial know-how

The company based in Genay, in the Lyon region, now has 450 employees spread over 8 business sites. The complete internalization of the manufacturing process allows it total control of its products and the associated requirements.

An orthopedic specialization

Based on know-how and proven knowledge of the market, Groupe Lépine has been able to develop and improve safe and effective implants validated by significant clinical experience.

The company has also been able to design new solutions in response to modern and personalized management of pathologies.

Groupe Lépine around the world

Groupe Lépine products are now available in many countries. The company has 6 subsidiaries and many partners. 

Groupe Lépine offers you the following Surgical Motor Systems:

The MAÏA™ prosthesis is designed for the prosthetic surgical treatment of rhizarthrosis.

It consists of a hemispherical cup implanted in the trapezium, a modular neck and an anatomical metacarpal stem. It offers a complete range of implants allowing the choice between simple and double mobility.

It benefits from a two-layer coating of porous titanium and hydroxyapatite for cementless fixation.

Titanium necks are available for those allergic to nickel.


Capture1.JPGThe trapezium cup is hemispherical with 4 pins for primary stabilization.It is available with either a standard or semi-retentive PE insert for simple mobility.
Capture2.JPG3 sizes of offset collars with core are available in dual mobility.In simple mobility, the choice of straight or offset collars allows better anatomical adaptation.
Capture3.JPGThere are 4 homothetic sizes of metacarpal rods. They are anatomical, with small stabilizing scales on the longitudinal edges.

MEMOFIX™ anchors are designed for the reinsertion of ligaments and tendons.

The anchoring system is delivered sterile, ready to use on the implant holder with premounted sutures and crimped needles.


Capture1.JPGThe large amplitude double conical thread allows quick screwing and solid fixing.
Capture2.JPGThe anchor is self-drilling and does not require pre-drilling.
Capture3.JPGThe anchor can be repositioned if necessary by simply unscrewing.

Bioabsorbable interference screws.

Materials composition: Poly-70%L/30%D lactide

Sizes: 4 diameters 7. 8. 9. 10 mm, lengths 20 to 30 mm.

Screws suitable for DIDT, DT4 and KJ techniques.


Capture1.JPGConical shape favoring good hold of the graft during its placement.
Capture2.JPG– Millimeter roughing tap,- foams to avoid damaging the graft,- undersized to keep the press fit of the screw.
Capture3.JPGValidated clinical experience of Phusis sights.

Other solutions offered by Groupe Lépine:

For more information see the official site Groupe Lépine>>

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