TECRES – CRANOS 5 key points to know

You already know Cranos, the custom-made cranial implant made in Tecres. You also know that it is compliant with MDR, thanks to Tecres’ technology, research and 40-year-experience.
Nevertheless, it may be helpful to resume at a glance 5 main key points that make Cranos different from any other similar product.

Ready for use
Cranos is supplied to the hospital sterilised and ready to be implanted. When ordering you can request the presence of fixing and/or suspension holes so that the surgeon can save time in the operating theatre.

Suitable for reconstruction of even large cranial defects
With its design based on CT scan images and the characteristics of the material, Cranos can perfectly reconstruct even large cranial defects.

The only antibiotic-integrated prosthesis, and loaded with double antibiotic
Cranos is the only cranial prosthesis to offer the combination of antibiotics Gentamicin and Vancomycin, for effective synergic action on about 90% of the pathogenic agents generally isolated in surgical infections.

Can be drilled and milled including in the operating theatre
With the resistant, sturdy and elastic structure of the PMMA, the prosthesis can be milled and/or drilled, even in the operating theatre, allowing the surgeon to adapt it even more fully to the patient and to the surgical requirements.

Excellent functional and aesthetic result
The result is a personalised prosthesis that can adapt perfectly to the bone defect and preserve the anatomical thickness of the patient’s cranium.

Source: TECRES

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