Acandis ICAD Peer Meeting

A great first day of the very first „Acandis ICAD Peer Meeting“ comes to an end and we are looking forward to the second part tomorrow.

With a lot of excitement we welcomed key opinion leaders of ICAD treatment from all over the world to this highly interesting and scientific discourse either in person above the roofs of Frankfurt, Germany or online. The meeting was all about getting together and exchanging experience and knowledge on ICAD treatment.

In three sessions throughout the day we listened to many exciting presentations and lively discussions:
We started with presentations about general ICAD and gained interesting insights in the current statuses of ICAD treatment in different countries, MRI imaging strategies and ESO guidelines. The second session of the day was all about elective stenting and included informative presentations about different clinical studies, antiplatelet regimen, treatment strategies as well as improved outcomes in ICAD patients. Last but not least we had a scientific round about acute intracranial stenting, treatment of in-stent stenosis and snow-plowing effect in perforator-bearing segments.
We were overwhelmed by the active participation throughout the day which led to great discussions among the key opinion leaders of ICAD treatment.

Matching the special location of this peer meeting – the international city of Frankfurt – we were happy to welcome speakers from China, India, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Slovakia and Spain.

Thank you to everyone who participated at the first day of the „Acandis ICAD Peer Meeting“ – either in person or online!



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