En.Life was present at the Interventional Radiology congress, ESMINT, NICE, FRANCE 7-9.09.2022 (Nice Acropolis Convention Center)

Between September 7-9, 2022, in Nice, France En.Life Solutions participated in the Congress of Interventional Radiology with a specific focus on Neuro-interventional technologies with the en.Life communication platform.

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During the 3 days of the congress, there were conferences and practical courses in the field of a new science and medical specializations derived from classical radiology, namely Interventional Radiology, a part of medicine that deals with the endo-vascular treatment (through the inside of the blood vessels) of various anomalies, malformations, vascular accidents, deposits of atheroma plaques and other endo-vascular diseases that can be approached minimally-invasively. Most of the time, the portal through which most Neuro-interventional devices enter is the groin area, more specifically the femoral artery that passes through this anatomical passage.

The most interesting discussions during the conferences were about complications in the treatment of aneurysms, the approach to aneurysms in anatomically complicated areas, giant aneurysms, the embolization of vessels with specific technologies (embolization liquids), the diversion of blood flow with Flow-Diverter or the treatment of intra-cranial stenosis following thrombectomy procedures from ischemic stroke and many others.  

Among others, Enlife Solutions is the representative in Romania of the German manufacturer Acandis >>, a company highly specialized in solutions for interventional radiology and neuro-vascular techniques.

Acandis presented at Esmint the entire neurovascular portfolio consisting of:

Other companies producing solutions for interventional radiology were also present at the exhibition, such as:

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The next Esmint congress in 2023 will take place on 4-6.09 in Marseille!

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