(UPDATED 2022): 23 Fenestrated Pedicle Screws to Know!

The growing number of surgical procedures performed in the spine has highlighted the problem of screws loosening in patients with poor bone stock due to osteoporosis and/or tumors. Different methods of increasing screw purchase have been reported but the fenestrated screws for cement augmentation have provided an effective and lasting purchase in those cases.The use of cement-augmented fenestrated pedicle screws can be an effective strategy for achieving improved pedicle screw fixation in patients with osteoporosis. A potential risk is cement extravasation; however, this complication will typically be asymptomatic. 

Today we have gathered the most relevant fenestrated screws from different companies and continents:

MIS Z-Pecicle Screw | PROXiphias-F™ | SmartLoc Omega | DIPLOMAT® | Reborn ® | Ventotene Fenestrated | NORM SiILVER | ART®Fixation System | Trend II | Intra Inter Vertebral Body Cage

List of the relevant fenestrated-screws (alphabetic order)

We have updated this list including the Brochures, Surgical Techniques and Videos availble. We hope you find it useful and we appreciate and welcome any suggestions or comments.We may have missed some and we apologize for this.

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