Innovations in Orthopedics and Traumatology for conflict areas and severe accidents taught in the event: „Traumatology Workshop”

Research and continuous education in Traumatology for resident doctors, specialists and staff involved in Orthopedics, in a period of socio-political instability at the world level and armed conflicts close to the Romanian border, are the applications addressed in the course entitled „Traumatology Workshop with extramedullary and centromedullary osteosynthesis solutions” from the SCUMC Amphitheater.

Central Military Emergency University Hospital „Dr. Carol Davila” organized this event, in partnership with the „Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest and in partnership with Sanatmetal (Hungary), en.Life Solutions (Romania) and the platform on the 11 November 2022, between 08:00 and 14:00, with invited resident doctors, operating theater assistant specialists from several hospitals in Bucharest and the country.

Presentations, demonstrations and practical applications, clinical cases with successes and difficulties as well as solutions adapted to various trauma cases are integrated as a lecturer, by Professor Dr. Endre Varga – University Professor, Head of Department at the Traumatology Clinic, University of Szeged, Hungary . His career brilliantly combines the academic environment (Supervisor, Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine), orthopedic surgery, international conferences, involvement in Sanat Academy Szeged and the position of international lecturer AO Trauma (AO Research Institute Davos) for about 40 years.

Innovation and efficiency are the main themes in the basement of the Traumatology workshop with osteosynthesis solutions such as plates with polyaxial targeting, for multiple fractures and rods that use computerized distal targeting for greater accuracy and intra-operative efficiency. Modern traumatology needs adaptive and intuitive means that meet the criteria of bio-compatibility with the human body, to be compliant after implantation with CT and MRI scans, to allow as anatomical adaptation as possible, to allow correct blood irrigation, to allow a mobilization patient and to shorten the operating time of the doctors. These medical devices (rods, plates, screws) have special biochemical coatings (by anodization) to facilitate removal after the patient is cured, they require special logistics in the operating theater and they benefit from sets of instruments for implantation that are most often the key to a successful intervention.

A hospital with an important department of orthopedics that addresses beyond the chronic patient, minor traumas and poly-traumatized patients (e.g. soldiers from the theaters of operations) with upper and lower limb fractures, can solve this whole spectrum only if it benefits from a palette wide range of solutions from rods and plates of calcaneus, tibia, femur, radius, to humerus and clavicle in various shapes and sizes, which congruently use several main types of screws and optimized sets of instruments. For all this, doctors and nurses simultaneously need continuous training, for which the College of Doctors and the College of Nurses from Romania has given the necessary credits for this course.

Within this project, the „Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy with academic support, SCUMC with Course Director, Col. Conf. Univ. Dr Marius Stanescu, the host and vector of the event, the manufacturer of osteosynthesis solutions Sanatmetal and Sanat Academy, the research institution behind the implants, the local integrator en.Life Solutions (distributor authorized by the Ministry of Health and ANMDM) and the medical communication platform and high- tech,

Dr. Marius Stanescu, head of the SCUMC Orthopedics department, is a primary Orthopedics-traumatology doctor, university lecturer at U.E.B., responsible for the implementation, at SUUMC level, of the National Osteoligamentous Tissue Transplantation Program, expertise in knee arthroscopy, doctor of medical sciences. Since his residency, he has participated in a whole series of courses, workshops, medical congresses specialized in Oncology, Traumatology, Transplantation, Sports Medicine, Hip and Knee Prosthetics in the country and internationally and has published scientific articles on the subject of hip arthroplasty, traumatology and more.

The en.Life platform and Enlife Solutions are engaged in medical educational events, technologies and ultra specialized solutions for Neurosurgery (supporting the research project in personalized cranioplasty for patients with defects due to traumatic or decompressive causes), Interventional Radiology (solutions for ischemic accidents, aneurysms and intracranial stenosis), Spinal Surgery (implantable solutions for osteoporosis), Orthopedics (osteosynthesis and cryotherapy), BMF Surgery (post-traumatic reconstruction of the face and temporomandibular joint), Plastic and reconstructive Surgery (hand surgery). At the same time, en.Life promotes the people behind the doctors, complex surgical interventions, events, disruptive technologies and uses all the Social Media arsenal to explain medical devices to patients in their own way.

The era we are crossing, brings in the same landscape an explosion of information and applications from already converging fields (bioengineering, medicine, robotics, IT, block-chain) circulated through various communication channels that can support patients in Romania through upgarde- those involved in the medical system, public and private. Technology and science continuously push medicine beyond the known frontiers, but we must put these „weapons” in the hands of permanently alert, always trained professionals. That is why this course was an excellent opportunity to sharpen skills and knowledge at the intersection between operative technique and innovation in implantable medical devices.

en.Life (PR & events department) together with SCUMC and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Carol Davila” Bucharest, Romania, Sanatmetal and Sanat Academy, Hungary

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