Interview with Jan Smeddinck, Workgroup Digital Media, Center for Computing and Communication Technologies, TZI, University of Bremen

Personalized approaches in medicine are very popular. Treatment with customized therapies is intended to achieve better results and be less stressful on the patients. This could soon also be the case for physiotherapy and rehabilitation since every person is not just different - he also moves differently. spoke with Jan Smeddinck about playful exercise... Citește în continuare →

MedLife deschide Centrul de Cardiologie și Radiologie Intervențională: ANGIOLIFE

Centrul Clinic de Cardiologie si Radiologie Intervențională, unul din Centrele de excelență, parte din sistemul medical MedLife, iși propune să acorde tuturor beneficiarilor de servicii medicale o asistență de maximă competență, ce acoperă întreaga sferă a patologiei cardiovasculare, de la etapa preclinica si pana la tratamentul interventional avansat. In componenta Centrului exista unul din cele... Citește în continuare →

Minimal Invasive Procedure: Nucleoplasty, for the treatment of moderate disc herniation in Ponderas Hospital, Bucharest

Disc herniation is a disease wich can affect patients of any age. It may result secondary of trauma, from injuries to the spine, different accidents or, in some cases, there isn't an identified cause ( in this case the disease is know as idiopathic disc herniation). A herniated disc consists of tiny tears or cracks... Citește în continuare →


Vertebroplasty is a pain treatment for vertebral compression fractures that fail to respond to conventional medical therapy, such as minimal or no pain relief with analgesics or narcotic doses that are intolerable. A compression fracture occurs when pressure on a vertebra causes it to break or crack, often because of osteoporosis. Compression fractures are often... Citește în continuare →

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