What are Facet Stabilization Dowels? Which are the Three most used?

Facet joint osteoarthritis can play an important role in the generation of low back pain. Facet doweling is a percutaneous treatment that aims to fuse the facets together and increase joint stiffness. Facet dowels placement is a minimally invasive percutaneous treatment approach that aims to not only fuse the facet but also increase the stiffness of the joint. Recently, dowels have been used more frequently to provide spinal stabilization after decompression procedures, such as lumbar laminectomies.

Bone graft substitutes are considered as standalone stabilization devices, such as minimally invasive percutaneous facet joint fusion. The most popular are the following:

TruFUSE | NuFix | BacFast®

1. TruFUSE

The TruFUSE® lumbar facet fusion system is a unique allograft milled bone dowel used to fuse facet joints. The TruFUSE techique, which uses precision machined allograft dowels and matching surgical instrumentation, is an entirely unique approach to posterior spinal fusion.

TruFUSE® is a minimally invasive percutaneous facet joint fusion that uses two small cork-shaped dowels made of human bone allografts that are implanted in the plane of the facet joints to stabilize vertebrae and help reduce back pain.

Performed in a minimally invasive fashion, the morse tapered dowel design is impacted into the facet joint providing immediate spinal stabilization by employing a classic wedge fixation, optimizing the potential for fusion.

TruFUSE is typically used earlier in the continuum of care as an intermediate, conservative measure to address or prevent minor instability, mechanical back pain or degenerative joint disease. TruFUSE can be use d as a stand-alone procedure for facet based pain or as a supplement to major fusion surgeries. One of the TruFUSE’s primary attractions is that is is minimally destructive and does not preclude the patient from future surgical options if warranted.

The TruFUSE dowels perform several functions:

  • Re-establishes natural joint orientation
  • Separates the joint surfaces to reduce inflammation
  • Stretches the anterior joint capsule and creates a press fit to enhance stability
  • Optimizes the environment for fusion

About minSURG Corporation

minSURG Corporation “minSURG” is a medical device company focused on designing, developing and marketing its patented surgical procedures called Z Lift and TruFUSE. minSURG is located in Clearwater, Florida and employs a national network of independent third-party distributors to support, sell and market Z Lift and TruFUSE to hospitals and physicians throughout the United States.http://minsurg.com

2. NuFix

NuFix is a product of NuTech Spine, Inc., a biologics company, that engages in engineering and providing machined allograft tissues for spinal fusion applications. It offers NuFix, a cortical antimigration allograft for the stabilization of the spine. The company’s NuFix is used for various treatment applications, such as fixation and in situ fusion in laminectomy/discectomy procedure; and treating or preventing adjacent level disease.

About NuTech

NuTech was incorporated in 1994 by Founder and President, Ken Horton. Since then, NuTech has been on the cutting edge of Orthopedic, Spinal, and Sports Medicine. Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, NuTech Spine continues to grow to becoming the top choice of Surgeons and Facilities across the nation. NuTech’s Medical division, who primarily focused on amniotic stem-cell-based products, was sold to Organogenesis, Inc. in March 2017. NuTech Spine reasserts its dedication to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. NuTech Spine takes pride in maintaining ISO 13485.2016 and FDA Certifications.https://nutechspine.com

3. BacFast® Facet Stabilization Dowel

BacFast HD is a facet stabilization dowel designed with a focus on osteoconductivity and preventing graft migration, making it an ideal graft to be used as a complement to common spinal fusion procedures as it preserves the posterior spine. Utilizing Xtant’s proprietary demineralization technology, BacFast HD is hypo demineralized to expose the growth factors and BMPs inherent to cortical bone. With the benefits of HD technology and increased collagen surface area, BacFast HD also provides the graft with osteoinductive properties without compromising the structural integrity of the graft.


  • Precision-milled cortical bone
  • Designed to stabilize the spine
  • Scalloped design and tapered nose increase surface area for enhanced
  • osteoconduction
  • Contains two anti-migration locking edges

About Xtant Medical Holdings, Inc.

Xtant Medical Holdings, Inc. (www.xtantmedical.com) is a global medical technology company focused on the design, development, and commercialization of a comprehensive portfolio of orthobiologics and spinal implant systems to facilitate spinal fusion in complex spine, deformity and degenerative procedures. Xtant people are dedicated and talented, operating with the highest integrity to serve our customers.

The symbols ™ and ® denote trademarks and registered trademarks of Xtant Medical Holdings, Inc. or its affiliates, registered as indicated in the United States, and in other countries. All other trademarks and trade names referred to in this release are the property of their respective owners.

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