The Efort Annual Congress 2023 Vienna, Austria – 24-26 May 2023

On behalf of the Executive Committee and the Science Committee, we would like to invite you to participate in the 24th EFORT Congress in Vienna, Austria from 24 to 26 May 2023.

The annual meeting of EFORT is the largest platform for European Orthopaedics to exchange knowledge and experience within Europe but also with colleagues from other parts of the world.

This year our main theme is “Building the Future of Orthopaedics and Traumatology“.

By deliberately choosing this broad statement, we wanted on the one hand to be able to cover the breadth of the O&T specialty and on the other, to inspire some stability, if possible, especially in these uncertain times as we strive to find new visions.

The word “stability”, as a magic word in motion analysis and mobility in general, helps us to anchor our professional achievements looking back, for just a little while, and to see the progress made over the years.

At the beginning treatments employed traction techniques, Charnley introduced new approaches for hip replacement and later, internal fixation of fractures through nailing and plating had a direct impact on allowing shorter hospitals stays and faster return to function. Today’s discussions include, besides the scientific perspectives, the aim to be more intermodular and inclusive. 

EFORT brings a network of passionate professionals, all using their experience and knowledge. As orthopaedic surgeons we must have the ability to tackle one of the global issues; how to help the world’s ageing population stay fit and healthy into increasing old age.

However, the growing musculoskeletal burden meets financial restrictions. The workload of nurses and surgeons can lead to burnout, weaknesses of healthcare systems are emerging more and more everywhere.

So how can we maintain clinical progress, transfer of knowledge and the human factors in balance with the needs (and constraints) of our economies?

We are back in the beautiful city of Vienna. Our wish was to develop an inspiring scientific programme and to energise participants through presentations, debates and discussions on these burning issues.

Topics such as 3D before surgery, 3D printing for patient specific implants, robotics, biological implants and technological advances in diagnostic equipment will be at the forefront of this 24th EFORT Annual Congress.

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence belong to the future of our discipline and represent real opportunities for cost effective treatments sustained by expensive technology.

Surgeons, manufacturers and policy makers can contribute in protecting resources so as to fulfill the patients’ expectations, namely the need for treatments with proven long-term benefits.

Come and join us to see where Orthopaedic & Traumatology will stand in the future.

Bridging networking with knowledge

The EFORT Annual Congress 2023 in Vienna will offer redefined networking solutions and will launch The EFORT Marketplace, open to all. Placed at the heart of the exhibition this hub will boost 4 key activities where:

I engage – I consolidate – I learn – I master

Give yourself time to attend:

  • Research Café through which the Research Culture and exchange with experts can be strengthened over round table discussions.
  • Mini-Satellites during which latest evidence ascertains the value of medical technology.
  • “Did you know spotlight sessions” to better understand what moves the O&T Community.
  • Surgical Precision for which you will be granted front row access to live hands-on procedures & techniques.

A key strength of this new concept is EFORT’s audience diversity and the multidisciplinary of the represented professions within O&T it attracts.

Flanked on both sides by the poster area the aim of the EFORT Marketplace is to bridge networking with knowledge. Set up as a theatre, with tiered bench seats for a capacity of max. 60 people will overlook three round tables and a big screen.

Follow us in this call to action to have access to the best of what a face-to-face event has to offer.


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