The Neuro-Oncology Conference a new opening to education together with solutions with the support of Medlife-Polisano, Dr. Matei Claudiu and Lucian Blaga University (Faculty of Medicine, Sibiu)

Between 27-28.04.2023 in Sibiu, under the auspices of the Lucian Blaga University of Medicine and the coordination of the team of Prof. Dr. Claudiu Matei from the Medlife-Polisano hospital, one of the most interesting regional conferences took place with international participation in frontier fields such as Neurosurgery and Oncology under the Care 4 Cancer banner (

Enlife Solutions is one of the traditional suppliers and partners for the spinal and cranial neurosurgery department of the Polisano Hospital for a long time, during which the various solutions: customized cranioplasty (PSI, 3di Germany), vertebroplasty (Mendec Spine), screw augmentation solutions of the spine for osteoporosis (Vesta, Osimplant), artificial graft solutions (redura, Medprin) or fixation systems from Peek (Cranialoop, Neos) were tested and approved by the operating team, the personnel involved in the interventions and the hospital management.

Conf. Dr Claudiu Matei had an incredibly delicate mission in the spirit of education and continuous training of his colleagues, neurosurgeons and oncologists, ENT specialists, immunologists and neurologists and residents of the country, adding interdisciplinary topics related to practice to the agenda of the conference current Neurosurgery and Oncology at the border with the other specialties. I have heard terms like „Tumor-board”, which means the team of specialists from many medical areas involved in the discussions of oncological cases, their treatments and recovery.

Together in the team, doctors, Medlife-Polisano Hospital, those involved in the organization (Special thanks to Catalin Craioveanu) Polisano staff and speakers, the conference took a huge step for communication and education, a logical, honest, common sense step in a Medical Romania in transformation.

An exclusive interview of Dr Claudiu Matei for Enlife on the platform about customized cranioplasty solutions, link here>>

At the presentation stand in front of the Aula Magna, Lucian Blaga University of Medicine, Sibiu, Enlife tried to bring to the attention of neurosurgeons from Romania and the USA presented some useful solutions in their current practice, and below is a list of the benefits brought by them in surgical interventions:

  • CraniaLoop, Neos – PEEK cranial flap fixation implants – their advantage: radio-transparency for radiotherapy treatments, subsequent CT/MRI investigations, firm and fast fixation and does not require instrumentation (shortens the intervention time by at least 30 min – 1h)
  • Dura Graft, ReDura – a simple adjustable patch for dura defects from cranial and spinal interventions, it is moistened and sutured on the dural defect, they are made of PLLA and resorb and transform over time into a non-dural tissue – mechanical resistance advantage , optimal lining and fast and intuitive use.
  • Customized PEEK cranioplasty implant – for interventions with large defects and anatomically complicated relief, it is the simplest and most useful method of covering the defect. Advantages: – shortens the operating time by 1 – 2 h, completes the cranial box aesthetically and functionally, radio-transparent, light, PEEK has a mechanical strength similar to bone.
  • Resorbable plates and mesh Inion Finland – are the only osteosynthesis solutions in craniostenosis interventions in children starting from the age of a few months (these interventions are performed in specialized centers – Dr. Dan Nica, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Children’s Emergency Hospital, „Grigore Alexandrescu” and Dr Sorin Tarnoveanu, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Children’s Emergency Hospital „M.S Curie” Bucharest)

Spinal osteosynthesis (polyaxial titanium alloy screws) – a complete, complex, intuitive system used by many university centers and centers of Neurosurgery and Spinal Orthopedics (e.g. Colentina Hospital, Floreasca Emergency Hospital, Sanador Hospital, Medlife-Polisano Hospital, Sibiu, Emergency and Neurosurgery Hospital „Nicolae Oblu” Iasi, Provita Hospital, Bucharest, Emergency Hospital „Bagdasar-Arseni” Bucharest)

BIA Cervical Cages, Osimplant – simple cervical cages, with cranio-caudal fixation pins and Tantalum markers for intra-operative visualization – safe and easy to use – most neurosurgeons who use them say that the instruments and implants shorten the time of the intervention and are safe for patients in the long term.

The minimally-invasive Vertebroplasty System with high viscosity cement (HV) and hydraulic injection – a cement enriched with BaSO4 for a very good radiological visibility, helps the operator stay away from radiation (angiograph, X-ray, etc.), has a long duration of use for 10-15 min and eliminates the risk of migration into the medullary canal or of pulmonary thromboembolism. (Enlife vertebroplasty systems have been used for many years in Bagdasar Arseni Hospital (Spinal Neurosurgery, Dr Serban Daniel), Bucharest University Hospital (Angiography and Interventional Radiology – Dr Bogdan Dorobat), „Nicolae Oblu” Neurosurgery Hospital Iasi (Neurosurgery – Dr Cezar Popescu, Dr. Bogdan Costachescu)

In the Enlife atmosphere, many collaborators came from Bucharest and from the country whose experiences relative to the philosophy and proposed and tested solutions have somewhat passed the test of time.

Being a Conference addressed mainly to Neurosurgeons and Neuro-Oncology, the specialists I interacted with are famous and extremely important names in the field of Romanian Neurosurgery.

We thank the Organizing Committee of the conference: Catalin Craioveanu, Silvia Sotelecan, Diana Raulea, Daniela Rohan, Adriana Vacar, Maria Rotar, headed by Dr. Matei Claudiu for the professionalism with which they organized the event and for the distinguished invitation that honored us.

More details about the Care4Cancer International Conference >>

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