enLife Booth at Acpr CONGRESS 2023

The workshop of American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons (ASMS)BASIC CRANIOMAXILLOFACIAL PRINCIPLES & TECHNIQUES, with support of En.Life

I’m Alin Ladaru, EnLife Solutions Manager and I want to give special thanks to : Romanian Association of Plastic Surgeons, to Prof. Dr. Alexandru Georgescu, Prof. Dr. Radu Jecan, Prof. Dr. Zorin Crainiceanu ( Romania) and to Dr Jonathan Black and all USA team for the trust given in the organization of this fantastic workshop.

APRIL 29, 2023, Romanian Association of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting, Sibiu, Romania

Local Host: Alexandru Georgescu, MD, PhD

US Host: Jonathan Black, MD

Supported by Rotary InternationalCOURSE OUTLINE & LECTURES

Topics during this conference and workshop were next:

  1. Welcome, Jonathan Black, MD
    Introduction of course faculty, Course Overview and Facial Femininization

2. Management of Tessier Clefts, Christopher Runyan, MD, PhD

3. Mandibular Distraction for Pediatric Airway Obstruction, Perry Bradford, MD  

4. Primary Management of Craniosynostosis, Laura Humphries, MD

5. Operative Sequencing for Panfacial Trauma, Warren Schubert, MD

During the course and workshop were many constructive, applied discussions and different surgeons from Romanian Plastic Surgery Association and other medical fields were attending the event.

Laboratory Session – All faculty members

The Use of Fracture Models for Sequencing and Reduction

Approach and Placement of Internal Fixation in Panfacial Fractures

Design of Osteotomy for Genioplasty, Angle Reduction, Frontal Sinus Setback

Fixation of Genioplasty, Frontal Sinus Contouring

Design of Osteotomies for Craniosynostosis

Osteotomy options for Mandibular Distraction

The USA Faculty Team was simply great and they did a big effort to come in Romania to deliver their skill and information to Plastic and CMF surgeons from Romania. we really enjoyed all the workshop and presentations and we thank you very much!

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