Luciole Medical AG Announces the Acquisition of SpiegelbergGmbH & Co. KG to Create a Leading Global Brain Monitoring Developer and Provider

Acquisition joins Luciole’s innovative brain monitoring solutions with an established manufacturer and supplier of brain monitoring devices

Zurich, Switzerland, June 27, 2023 – Luciole Medical AG, a Swiss medical technology company specialized in brain monitoring, today announced the acquisition of Spiegelberg GmbH & Co. KG (Spiegelberg), an established medical device company and provider of highly specialized devices and consumables for neurosurgery, from SHS Capital. Following the acquisition, the companies will combine their product suites, manufacturing, and distribution channels to optimize their strengths aiming at becoming a global leader in providing innovative next-generation brain monitoring devices.

Spiegelberg has developed an internationally recognized, strong brand for its innovative neurosurgical devices and consumables and is a leading manufacturer of probes for intracranial pressure (ICP) measurement. The company works with recognized research institutes, leading clinics, and specialists in neurosurgery to develop products that are best tailored to the patient.

Luciole Medical will leverage Spiegelberg’s manufacturing, regulatory, and commercial capabilities, including its global supply network, to bring improved brain monitoring devices to a broad patient population. Spiegelberg’s recognized ICP monitors and wide-reaching sales channels that span neuroclinics, hospitals, and special distributors highly complement Luciole’s easy-to-use, minimally invasive, next generation brain monitoring solutions and non-invasive patch. Under Luciole’s leadership, the two companies will be in the position to individualize and optimize comprehensive brain monitoring devices on an international scale.

„We have known the Spiegelberg team and products for a long time and were impressed by the quality of the business they have built. This strategic acquisition will allow us to accelerate the accessibility of our products in Europe and prepare for the market launch of our innovative brain monitoring technologies in the US. We at Luciole believe that brain monitoring is an important tool both in the operating room and the intensive care setting to understand the pathologies linked to a fundamental but poorly understood organ,” said Luciole CEO, Dr. Philippe Dro.

„Joining forces with Luciole Medical AG will allow us to offer an extensive range of truly innovative products to our large and growing network of clinicians, partners, and distributors, which will benefit both patients and clinicians and improve neurosurgery outcomes. We are looking forward to this next stage of our development,” added Spiegelberg CEO, Stefan Paschko.

Brain oxygenation, intracranial pressure and blood flow are critical parameters for assessing proper brain function. Impaired oxygenation in the brain can rapidly lead to severe consequences such as cognitive decline, speech impairment, paralysis, coma, and even death. Measuring these parameters in patients during surgery and in a comatose setting is vital for the immediate diagnosis and treatment of the patient. Luciole Medical has developed a minimally invasive platform of next-generation devices to monitor these parameters. The technology measures oxygenated and de-oxygenated hemoglobin content in the brain as well as cerebral blood flow, thus giving precious information on tissue metabolism and brain function. The company, which has been certified under the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR), received the CE mark for its minimally invasive probe for use in comatose patients following a stroke or traumatic brain injury as well as for its non-invasive new generation patch used in various settings such as cardiac surgery.

About Luciole Medical:
Luciole Medical AG is developing a unique next-generation platform of brain monitoring sensors to rapidly provide important information allowing the proper diagnostic and monitoring of compromised oxygen supply conditions and complications. The platform also uses a proprietary complex algorithm to analyze large data sets and extract clinically relevant information. The company obtained the CE mark for a minimally invasive probe for ICUs (RheoProbe) and a new generation patch for external measurement of brain oxygenation parameters (RheoPatch). The Swiss-based private company is a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the University of Zurich. For more information, visit

About Spiegelberg:
The medical technology company Spiegelberg GmbH & Co. KG, based in Hamburg, was founded in 1986 by Dr. Andreas Spiegelberg. Spiegelberg develops, produces and distributes products for intracranial pressure measurement, cerebrospinal fluid drainage and IAP measurement in more than sixty countries. The focus is on reliability, robustness and easy handling, so that the work is made easier and the treatment of the patient is the centre of attention.
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