AmCham and ANAP Launch a Joint Guide for Streamlining the Procurement of Medical Devices

AmCham Romania welcomes the publication by the National Public Procurement Agency (ANAP) of the „Guide for Procurement of Medical Devices, the result of a joint effort initiated by the  AmCham Romania Health Committee. This guide is a useful tool for running efficient public procurement processes that avoid non-compliant practices and the risk of purchasing substandard medical devices and technologies.

Improving the quality of medical services and increasing the efficiency of using resources in the interest of the patient are central points on AmCham Romania’s agenda. As the AmCham Romania „Health as an Investment” study also reflects, health is an investment, not a cost, and resources must be invested with maximum responsibility for the benefit of patients, to optimize the route from diagnosis to monitoring and treatment. Postponing investments in health causes higher long-term costs for health care, leads to a decrease in quality of life, labor productivity, and consequently to a lower Gross Domestic Product. The guide developed and launched in collaboration with ANAP represents a pragmatic and useful tool for carrying out fast, correct, and efficient medical device procurement, offering a clear framework for planning and organizing procedures, with benefits for all parties involved” pointed out Vlad Boeriu, President AmCham Romania Health Committee.

Since Romanian patients’ access to modern medical devices is among the lowest in the EU, AmCham Romania members believe that adequate financing of needs and improvement of procurement processes for safe, efficient, and innovative medical devices and technologies are essential for improved access to prevention services, early diagnosis, and treatment.

„The best practices guide is a concrete example of the good collaboration between ANAP and AmCham. This tool is in accordance with national legislation and provides essential instructions and measures for an effective relationship with medical providers. The information in the guide is indispensable for professionals in the public procurement departments of health facilities and for those involved in the acquisition of medical services. The material also recommends a set of indicators for the evaluation of medical device purchases, promoting a high standard of quality in the field of health.We reaffirm our commitment to improving public procurement processes and supporting collaboration between actors in the medical sector and suppliers of goods and services”, emphasized Iuliana Feclistov, president of the National Agency for Public Procurement.

This guide responds to a real market need for clarity, coherence, and consistency in public procurement procedures to support their efficiency and transparency, along with the promotion of quality standards, all the more important in a sector like health. The guide itself is a good practice of collaboration between the authorities and the private sector and is a valuable resource, both for economic operators from the position of potential participants in public procurement procedures and for the public sector, through the guidance provided to contracting authorities. We express our readiness to strengthen the partnership with ANAP, as well as to extend these guidelines for the effective use of public resources in other areas of the health system, and not only” said Daniela Nemoianu, President of the AmCham Romania Structural Funds, Public Procurement and Public-Private Partnership Committee.

Romania could access multiple sources of EU funds in the next 5 years, which must be capitalized to unlock funding for innovation and structural reforms, and the guide launched by AmCham and ANAP provides tools to stimulate performance in healthcare, putting the patient at the center of the health system.

Elaborated in accordance with the applicable legislation, the Guide offers relevant practical guidance both for public procurement departments in health units and within national institutions that manage public procurement for the health field and can be consulted on the ANAP page, here.

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