AOTrauma Webinar Highlights October 2015


Fri, Oct 02, 2015, 14:00 CET (GMT +02:00) – Local time
Periprosthetic Fracture Treatment 
of the Femur

Main Presenter: 
Karl Stoffel, MD (Switzerland)

George Haidukewych, MD (USA)

Learn from the experts on decision making, the principles of ORIF and the current treatment strategies for revision of arthroplasty techniques for periprosthetic fractures. Participants can ask questions through a „real-time” online chat.

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Wed, Oct 07, 2015, 14:00 CET (GMT +02:00) – Local time
Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Infection

Main Presenter: 
Olivier Borens, MD (Switzerland)

Chat Moderator: 
Andrej Trampuz, MD (Germany)

During this interdisciplinary webinar for surgeons, infectious disease specialists, and other team members, Dr Borens and Dr Trampuz will answer participants’ questions through a „real-time” online chat. Participants are encouraged to invite their interdisciplinary colleagues to join them for the webinar.

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Tue, Oct 13, 2015, 14:00 CET (GMT +02:00) – Local time
Preventing and Treating Perioperative Complications in Older Adults

Main Presenter: 
Katrin Singler, MD (Germany)

Chat Moderators: 
Christian Kammerlander, MD (Germany)

Markus Gosch, MD (Germany

During this interdisciplinary live lecture for surgeons, geriatricians, and other team members experts in the field will answer participant questions through a „real-time” online chat.

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Thu, Oct 22, 2015, 14:00 CET (GMT +02:00) – Local time
Innovations in Shoulder Reconstruction in the Aging Patient

Main Presenter: 
Martin Jaeger, MD (Germany)

Chat Moderator: 
Franz Kralinger, MD (Austria)

This live lecture focusses on the clinical problems in the treatment of proximal humeral fractures in the elderly patients. Learn from the experts how to analyze these problems; PHILOS augmentation is indicated and performed. Learn also, how potential pitfalls in the treatment can be avoided.

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