MIS techniques for the treatment of vertebral fractures, using innovative solutions for spinal surgery

On 20.04.2023, under the supervision of the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital and the Department of Angiography and Endovascular Therapy led by Dr. Bogdan Dorobat, the Vertebroplasty Workshop took place, accompanied by a „live surgery” session attended by 32 medical specialists and residents from all over the country from the Neurosurgery and Interventional Radiology specialties.

In the opening, Alin Ladaru PhD, Enlife Solutions Manager, presented the program of the event, the enLife concept, namely the 2 platforms: Marketplace (www.enlife.ro) and the communication platform http://www.en.life

Doctor Bogdan Dorobat from the position of Course Director gave a lecture on the treatment of Vertebral Fractures with references to pathology, case history, incidence of cases, complications and treatment options in comparison with others made by interventionists and neurosurgeons.

Next, Ms. Monica Ferrari, Sales Manager (Tecres Spa, Italy) at the world’s largest producer of cements for orthopedics and spinal and cranial surgery…

…presented the company and the solutions under discussion, namely:

  • Low viscosity cement, Mendec Spine
  • Mendec Spine LV vertebroplasty kit
  • Mendec MV vertebroplasty kit (medium viscosity)
  • High viscosity cement HV
  • Mendec AQUA – hydraulic injection kit, fluid assisted
  • Mechanical injection kit for HV
  • Extruder system – useful in Kyphoplasty

After the presentations, the actual workshop began, in which the participants tried different vertebroplasty solutions. The workshop focused on practice and discussions around the high viscosity system (Mendec Aqua + HV), which has the following advantages:

  • For the Doctor: The largest length of the cannula on the market, 155 cm, which keeps the operator away from the radiation of the angiograph or CT
  • For the patient – the injection is totally controlled and painless with the help of the torque-limiter
  • For the Doctor: 3X multiplication of the manually applied force at the end of the injection into the vertebra and extended use time of 12-16 minutes correlated with the temperature of the cement and that of the operating room to be able to treat several vertebrae successively in the same intervention.

After the Workshop in the Amphitheater, all participants went to the Angiography department and witnessed a live intervention together with Dr. Bogdan Dorobat, assisted by Ms. Monica Ferrari, Tecres (in the steps of the procedure).

Some of them entered the operating room, and a good part stayed in the control room, where they received synchronous explanations about the intervention from Dr. Musa Amir, interventional radiologist in the department. The intervention was successful and the patient’s progress will be monitored over the next few weeks to improve the symptoms.

At the end of the event, Dr. Dorobat handed out the diplomas to the participants and concluded with a group photo. During the event, new friendships and acquaintances were made between neurosurgeons and interventional radiologists, as they have other common projects, such as the treatment of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke.

The Enlife Solutions team was honored to have as speaker and coordinator of the event a prestigious professional like Dr. Bogdan Dorobat who is also the Coordinator of the Working Group on Interventional Neuro-Radiology of SRNIR (National Society of Radiology and Interventional Radiology) and the representative of the largest company of specialized cements for medicine, Tecres Spa, Italy, in the person of Mrs. Monica Ferrari.
EnLife is dedicated to and invests in the continuous education of resident and specialist doctors in the fields of: Neurosurgery, Interventional Radiology, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery and BMF Surgery and promotes in the Romanian medical landscape solutions that are not only innovative, but extremely useful for these specialties.

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