Future Materials Conference

28-29 September 2023 | Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest

The Innovation Center of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design will organize its second Future Materials Conference during 28th–29th September 2023 in Budapest, Hungary. The event will provide a platform for designers, researchers, private sector representatives and students to present and discuss the latest trends in the field of material research and the materials industry via a combination of lectures, discussion sessions, and workshops.

The two-day event will examine the cutting-edge technologies and latest breakthroughs in material research and explore new frontiers in sustainable design and manufacturing through showcasing new materials made from waste.

CONFERENCE – 28 September

Our aim with the conference is to create a unique meeting spot for businesses, academic researchers, students, and designers and to inspire them through learning about the latest innovations, trying new materials, and gaining novel experiences and new connections.


WORKSHOPS – 29 September

After the first day of inspiring lectures and discussions, the second day of Future Materials Conference will host various workshops for participants on 29 September.

The workshops will provide a chance to synthesize the ideas and knowledge of the first day and give hands-on opportunities to practice innovative material use, understanding the role of materials design in today’s design world, and the application of new materials in the actual design process. The workshops will be hosted by renowned researchers and representatives from different areas of the materials industry.




Concurrently with the upcoming Future Materials Conference, there will be an exhibition held at our campus, showcasing a diverse range of materials originating both locally and internationally, all stemming from various material experiments. You’ll discover materials intricately linked to the core topics of the conference but in addition to this, the exhibition will serve as a canvas for innovation, spotlighting the creative potential of materials in art. This exhibition will encompass materials for hands-on exploration, informative displays, and artistic creations.

Opening times: The exhibition will be open from 4 pm, 27 September until 12 pm, 29 September. The exhibition will be displayed in the MOME Ground building.

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