Inion Webinar: Dr. Dylan Murray – Pediatric Cranioplasty with the Inion CPS™ Bioabsorbable Implants

The recording of our previous #webinar is now available on YouTube! In this webinar, Craniofacial, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgeon Dylan Murray talks about #Pediatric Cranioplasty with the Inion CPS™ Baby Bioabsorbable Implants. In his presentation, Dr. Murray presents clinical cases and studies. He also introduces the advantages of using bioabsorbable products in the pediatric setting and gives tips for... Citește în continuare →

Webinar with surgeon Mr. Dylan Murray on Pediatric Cranioplasty with the Inion CPS™ Baby Bioabsorbable Implants

We warmly invite you to join our webinar “Pediatric Cranioplasty with the Inion CPS™ Baby Bioabsorbable Implants” on Zoom this Thursday (October 20th) starting at 18:00 Helsinki time. The registration for the webinar is open and attendance is free of charge. We are excited to have Craniofacial, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgeon Mr. Dylan Murray as... Citește în continuare →

Enlife Solutions (en.Life) a participat ca partener al celei de-a 47-a editii a Congresului National de Neurochirurgie, Iasi, Romania

Congresul National de Neurochirurgie , editia 47,  secondat in acelasi timp de editia 26 a Cursului Francez de Neurochirurgie si editia 4 a Congresului National de Stiinte Moderne a avut loc la Iasi la Palatul Culturii, in perioada  29.09-1.10.2022. Enlife Solutions este o companie romaneasca orientata spre promovarea solutiilor de nisa in domeniul Neurochirurgiei... Citește în continuare →

Ep. 3 Pasii procesului de Cranioplastie personalizata (II)

Azi intram in partea aplicata a Proiectului pentru implantul de cranioplastie personalizata, dar haideti sa recapitulam ce Pasi am parcurs in Episodul anterior si anume: Pas 1. Discutia preliminara intre medic, pacient si partenerul proiectului de cranioplastie personalizata. Partenerul procesului, este in general o firma specializata in implementarea proiectului ( ex. Enlife Solutions,... Citește în continuare →

Ep. 2 Implantul Personalizat de Cranioplastie (Patient Specific Implant)

Salutare tuturor, Numele meu este Alin Ladaru si as vrea sa va povestesc din experientele mele din ultimii ani cu device-uri medicale implantabile. In episopdul anterior am vorbit despre cranioplastie, iar in articolul/episodul de astazi  iti voi prezenta care sunt pasii unui proces de obtinere a implantului de cranioplastie personalizata. Pas 1. In primul... Citește în continuare →

The official opening of the international conference  „Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering & Medical Devices” BIOMMEDD’2022

The official opening of the international conference "Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering & Medical Devices" BIOMMEDD'2022, took place at the Palace of Parliament-Salon "Dimitrie Cantemir", followed by the round table The role of materials, medical devices and medical engineering in medicine on July 20, 2022. The event was attended by prominent representatives of the Presidential Administration (Presidential... Citește în continuare →

TECRES – CRANOS 5 key points to know

You already know Cranos, the custom-made cranial implant made in Tecres. You also know that it is compliant with MDR, thanks to Tecres’ technology, research and 40-year-experience.Nevertheless, it may be helpful to resume at a glance 5 main key points that make Cranos different from any other similar product. Ready for useCranos is supplied to... Citește în continuare →

LEADER BIOMEDICAL – Providing a physical barrier to intertissue adhesions

Leader Biomedical is a medical devices company that specialises in marketing and distributing targeted therapeutic solutions for dental, spine, joint care, and sports medicine indications, developing process technologies, and manufacturing innovative biomaterials. Leader Biomedical is committed to extending the reach of patients and caregivers worldwide. We do this by marketing and distributing medical devices, developing... Citește în continuare →

Ambelio, France – ORTHOPAEDICS AND MAXILLOFACIAL SOLUTIONS, The Reference in Cryotherapy

AMBELIO designs and develops, manufactures innovative medical devices. Based in France, AMBELIO presents on its own a unique combination of skills in pain management. Wishing to combine our French know-how with a local manufacture, our Freezsnow® are produced in Brittany. Our Vision To be recognised as a leading international provider of medical products and services offering high... Citește în continuare →

BONEGRAFT – Studies on synthetic bone tissue and cartilage tissue scaffolds in the biomedical sector

As of 2015, Bonegraft continues its R&D studies on synthetic bone tissue and cartilage tissue scaffolds in the biomedical sector. Bonegraft; It continues its production and R&D activities under ISO-7 (Class 10000) in Ege University Technology Development Center and ISO-5 (Class 100), ISO - 6 (Class 1000) and ISO-7 (Class 10000) clean room conditions in Manisa. Bonegraft is... Citește în continuare →


About us Our Company manufactures medical materials for use in fields of Urology, Urogynecology and Herniation; and conducts worldwide distribution of these products.Our Company has ISO 13485:2016 and CE certification. Our products are manufactured according to Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC . • Our Quality Policy As Duzey Medical;Our basic policy is to manufacture the true product... Citește în continuare →

SpineGuard – Real-time monitoring solutions

Vision Pierre Jérôme and Stéphane Bette founded SpineGuard in 2009 with the idea of delivering the clinical benefits of the DSG® (Dynamic Surgical Guidance) technology to as many patients as possible. SpineGuard’s primary goal is to establish the DSG technology as a standard of care to SECURE AND STREAMLINE SKELETAL IMPLANT PLACEMENT for the benefit of patients,... Citește în continuare →

evonos – Future-oriented neurosurgery products for more working comfort and better patient outcomes

evonos has established a reputation as an innovative supplier of high-quality equipment to customers around the world. "We believe this reputation is largely down to the beliefs, attitudes and values that drive the company forward." Philosophy and values Our philosophy, as well as the values that drive us, can be divided into four principles: Comfort - We... Citește în continuare →

Ortho Baltic Implants – Patient-specific medical solutions

Ortho Baltic Implants is a trademark owned by the company Ortho Baltic, in market more known as producer of custom-made prosthetic-orthotic devices under the name of Ortho Baltic, in 2012 we have invested in additive manufacturing technologies and expanded our made-to-order services to the design and production of patient-specific joints, cranial and spinal implants, bone plating systems, dental &... Citește în continuare →


NEOS Surgery is an innovative technological company, with offices in Barcelona and San Sebastian, dedicated to the development, manufacture and commercialization of medical devices in the field of neuro,  spinal and other surgical fields.  Another major key activity of NEOS Surgery is the continuous participation in sustainable R&D projects in collaboration with third parties. NEOS Surgery was born in... Citește în continuare →

Biopsy, Kyphoplasty and Nucleoplasty Solutions offered by BiopsyBell Medica (BPB)

BPB MEDICA™ is an Italian biomedical manufacturing company specialized in the design, production and marketing of high qualitative healthcare products for medical use and medical-surgery devices in the fields of Minimally Invasive Surgery. Our company offers medical products for percutaneous interventions in the spinal, diagnostic, regenerative medicine and assisted reproduction fields. BPB MEDICA™ was founded in 1999 by the Bellini family, boasting thirty years’ experience in the biomedical sector.... Citește în continuare →

Craniomaxillofacial osteosynthesis – REBSTOCK, Germany

Precision made in Germany - we have been manufacturing high-precision surgical instruments and implants for more than 20 years. Responsibility, reliability, quality, service and innovation make us a preferred partner of surgeons worldwide. See for yourself. We are constantly walking the path of innovation. In addition to completely new developments, this also includes the optimization and modernization... Citește în continuare →

MEDPRIN portfolio in Neurosurgery

Medprin is short for “Medical Printing”. Medprin specializes in research, development, and manufacturing of the high-end medical devices, with successful technology transformation of Class III implantable medical devices such as ReDura™, NeoDura™, and Recranio™, etc.. Products are available in more than 70 countries and regions and have benefited more than 200,000 patients. "Corporate Vision is... Citește în continuare →

Bioresorbable solutions for adults and children in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery offered by INION, Finland

About Inion Inion Oy is a medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative bioabsorbable and bioactive screws, plates, pins, anchors, tacks and bone graft substitutes for Speciality Orthopaedic, Craniomaxillofacial, Spinal and Dental applications. Our aim is to provide surgeons the freedom to choose bioabsorbable implants over metal when it’s the best... Citește în continuare →

OSIMPLANT portfolio – Occipito-cervical system

Since 2005 Osimplant has been founded in Ankara in 2005 for providing best spinal implants and services for healthcare professionals. Continuous Improvement Providing high-quality spine surgery implants and services with regard to the needs of the domestic and global markets have been a priority and a passion for Osimplant. Today, Osimplant develops, manufactures, exports, imports,... Citește în continuare →

TITAMED portfolio – standardized cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) solutions

Titamed is a market leader in standardized cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) solutions. The company has over 35 years of experience in the design, development and manufacturing of superior, innovative, high quality and user-friendly CMF products. This has been accomplished with the cooperation, experience and commitment of outstanding cranio-maxillofacial surgeons from leading clinics. We are based in Belgium,... Citește în continuare →

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